About Jessica

Jessica is a music & creative director in northern Colorado. Jessica grew up in performing arts. From her earliest memories of church, piano & dance recitals - she was known as the "family entertainer!" Her love for the arts continued through her K-12 years & into college. Jessica is a 1999 graduate of University of Northern Colorado in Music Education with an emphasis in piano performance. She taught K-8th grade music (general, choral, beginning strings) & received her Orff level 1 training before before becoming a church music & creative director. Jessica has led the music, creative & production teams of Crossroads Church in Loveland since 2001. In addition to leading the music ministry at Crossroads, teaching private lessons, choirs; Jessica is often found designing spaces & cooking, blogging, developing large commercial batches of burritos, sauces & more. Jessica teaches workshops& also leads worship for conferences, retreats and staff teams. Bottom line, Jessica LOVES people. She is passionate about creating community. But also gathering & mentoring leaders, developing people & helping other discover a buried gift is her passion. She loves to help others create, discover skills, dream big & see their potential.  Ok lastly, have you even had a Momma Perez Burrito? Or her roasted salsa? Are you even living! Ok lastly, Jessica also discovered clean, healthy living through Bright Line Eating, so you’ll see new recipes hitting hard here with no sugar, no flour, but her family favorites will always stay as well.

Work with Jessica?

  • Music Together mixed age classes

  • Private piano, guitar, coaching

  • Team culture systems & coaching

  • Set design, environmental design

  • Momma Perez Burritos & Salsa 

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