Icosahedron Lights

These lights were absolutely sharp, eye catching, classy & amazing! They're also a bit of a beast to make & pretty complicated, so it's honestly taken me a while to gather the details to share. But they're SO good that I want to be sure all of the steps & directions are pretty well captured!

First of all, I was so inspired by geometric shaped lights and was gathering a ton of examples. Here are a few... 

Once I gathered enough pictures, my team & I began to search YouTube & Pinterest to see how to make these lights. Then we discovered that it's shape name is Icosahedron. It's also a 20 sided shape for you nerdy gamers. Like always, my gosh, I'm grateful to troubleshoot & develop these ideas with such smart people! 

Here's what happened first. We started with straws from the kitchen & tape. We also invited our trusty carpenter and friend Larry to come see what we're up to.

So Larry left & gave it a shot in the shop. I have a video included below where one of our worship leaders Andrew will describe what really is a giant 20 sided dice. These angles are where it was tricky. First, let's continue with Larry's production of these lights... 

Let's get these beauties on stage! 

See, I still don't have exact directions for you, but check out this video with Andrew explaining it. There are 20 triangles, all angles are the same. 

Clear as mud, but inspiring?! If you want to try to make these for your house, basement, stairway, restaurant, shop or stage, let me know & I'll hook you up with my brilliant friends for help. 

XO - Jessica

Jessica Perez