Here's where the dreaming began! 

Plus drawing up a new, gorgeous, maple cross.. 

These guys did phenomenal at cutting the corrugated metal sheets too. 

Side project... add geometric shapes with tape & then spray the piano.

It's coming along! 

Wow! Look at the piano! 

The cross is here!

Totally coming along!

It's always exciting to be at the lighting point. LOVE IT!!!

Here my sassy friends are proving to me that I asked for TOO big of a cross & insisted it had to be hung in the middle. Fine. You're right. Now off to plan B & a bunch of told-you-sos later, and we're moving it!

I like it over there! This happens every time. There are funny curveballs in design & you have to move & flow with it. No biggy! 

Metal, geo piano, cross. Wow. LOVE. THIS.

It's bold, it's strong, it's epic, it's inspiring!  

And it loves blue hues! Yes, yes, yes..

And warm tones.. you just better go do this where every you are. LOL.



Let me know if you want more pictures or info from behind. We secured the pieces with wood behind & cabling to the ceiling. You'll need to retrofit it to your space. But of course, be sure to be careful & safe! 

Now go do it & send me pics!!!! 
XO - Jess