The Cross


Ah, let me tell you the story. 

I first saw this pic on a friend's Facebook page... 

...and I began sharing it with my creative friends..."Do you think we could make this?" 

We all collectively knew it, we really wanted this to be part of our stage design this Easter. 

So I went straight to Larry Heckel. 

Larry is a 

phenomenal carpenter volunteer at Crossroads. I show him pictures of the craziest things & he can make them!

Here are some of the other projects that Larry built: 

The Weave


Stage Chandeliers


Larry and I began the discussions... 

We only had 2 weeks until Easter... 

Here's a picture from Larry, progress so far..

Then Amanda (phenomenal graphic artist!) designed the stained glass & we printed it in house on the same paper that we use for our light box. 

Light box - displays the weekend series & upcoming events.

Back to the cross. 

Here's Amanda's design on email:

(I'm speechless!)

Larry took the roll & glued the stain glass, light behind, sheets onto coroplast. 

I don't know if you remember this,


My definition of coroplast: 

The thin sheet of white plastic that you slide into commercial lighting. Dirt cheep & looks amazing lit from behind. 

OK here it comes on the truck! 

That little piece on the right BLEW off while they were driving. They retraced they're steps & found it on the side of the road! 

This cross is huge..10' x 6'.

We unscrewed the back to place fluorescent light bars inside.

For Good Friday, it stood center stage as the main feature of the service. 

Check out a dance piece we did using the cross too..this is on Good Friday.  

Song, "Thief" by Third Day

Then on Easter we raised it up above the boxes.

Hello!! Here I come!

Peek a boo!




the end! 

Easter 2012 Highlights



Alive (Mary Magdalene) // Artist: Natalie Grant // Album: Various Artists

Our God Is Love // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

Manifesto // Artist: The City Harmonic // Album: The City Harmonic

Our God // Artist: Chris Tomlin // Album: Passion: Awakening

Mighty to Save // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Mighty to Save

Always // Artist: Switchfoot // Album: Hello Hurricane

Saturday: I Will Rise // Artist: Chris Tomlin // Album: Hello Love

Sunday: God is Able // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: God is Able (Deluxe Edition)


the BloggyBits:
A Few of this weekend's killer team. 

[I so deeply LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!]

Anne & Sam -- look at those BOXES too! Ah, love it! 

Daniel on cam...this guy is SO great!

Layne killing it on Manifesto!

Greatest choir on earth. I know it! It's true!!

Hector....amazing guy. Such a talented, gifted video producer. 

Dennis & Katie helping get Marty's mic set, to share his story.

My fun, fun shoes. My feet were pretty mad on Monday.

Tim's practice canvas - - this idea is super killer too. 

Girls face painting before the service! 

Bente - - what a sweet, dreamy lady. We love you Bente & David! 

We're all so thankful you're at Crossroads! 

Ah - - such gorgeous lighting during the message! 

Full shoe shot.

Here are


of the bracelets I wore. Along with the world's more awesome ring. 


This wall has been a dream of mine for about 6 months I'll blog the background of it sometime soon.

Some more salt-of-the-earth awesome-est people on the planet.

Amanda & Melissa. See what I mean?! Crossroads has been blessed. The talent around this place is extraordinary. These 2 girls create & execute mind blowing amount of stuff!

Amanda (left), was the one who thought of the butterfly painting in the first place. 


Janell - - my twisted dandie-sis. We had too much fun painting the dandelions in the piano. We might just take those dandies all over the building! 

Janell with her beautiful daughter Chloe & Lacie - all painters in the "Always" piece. 

And then I turn around my family from Las Vegas & Denver are WALKING.IN.THE.DOORS. 

What the what!  AH!!!!


Ok - - get ready, this is hilarious & you see, we just really, totally, always have this much fun. 

A team.. that's a family, that's creative, that's supportive, that's (too many that's, i know...) flexible, that's FUN....

So fun. This was after the last service. I'm sad we're done painting them. :( I think they're maybe glad that it's the last shower they each have to take, hurried, at church. Hahahahahhahhahaaaahhhhahahaha! 

How beautiful! 

The backstage paint station...

The canvas'! Thanks for asking for one, but we're going to be hanging them in the building for a while. Check back in in a few months! 

Sam talking with his family. WHAT A GUY!! Sounded SO great all weekend & every weekend! 

There goes my uncles, aunt & cousin! 

Andrew & Landon..too much swag for this little bloggy bit to handle! 

Come on. Gorgeous butterfly painting backdrop while people are hanging around. 

Amazing memories! 

[no comment.no caption]


Glorious stage background to an unreal message!! WOW!!!

There's that awesome choir again! 

Have you ever seen such beauty! 

Band hanging out. By the looks of the sun, must be Saturday. 

We all got this text from our buddy (EG player in med school in Wisconsin now) John. 

We miss this guy SO much! 

I discovered this hole in my shirt & it was a bit of a problem. There may or may not be one on the other side. 


Sweet view from the video switcher...

My darlings!!! 


Art in church. Music, art & dance all for the glory of our KING. 

My instagram shot of the band...


Annie singing "Alive" - - how magnificent..

This was after the first time Andrew was painted. I think even he was taking it all in~Hilarious!

And that's a wrap...Easter 2012

xo the end! xo

Good Friday 2012 Songs...

Good Friday 2012

the SONGS:

Carry Your Name // Artist: Christy Nockels // 

Album: Passion - Here for You

Sweetly Broken // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Full Attention

Thief // Artist: Third Day // Album: Third Day

Beautiful Things // Artist: Gungor // 

Album: Beautiful Things

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

Nothing But The Blood of Jesus

Lead Me to the Cross // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: All of the Above

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) // Artist: Matt Redman // Album: 10,000 Reasons


Stage Chandeliers

I'm always looking around at restaurants, stores, mall & pinterest for concepts that could work for staging. I walked into a restaurant in Downtown Denver in January '09 & spotted these fantastic lights and I knew someday we'd do something with them.

2 yeas later, we were approaching our ROMANS XII series & I thought back to the lights...

Then we decided to wait until "ADVENT," our Christmas series.

I have an amazing carpenter volunteer who met me at Lowes & we began to scout out what materials could work. We found that 6' x 4' sheets of synthetic lattice,  a metal disc for the top to attach all of the string & then he was going to work on if we use string or wire.

We also liked the stripes in the original lights & tried a few options...

Electrical tape

Silver electrical tape...

Here he is! Master carpenter, Larry Heckel! He found that painting was going to be 100x faster..So he tried gold & silver & came by to see which one I liked better....

I really liked both, but silver it is!

Strings are being added....

They thought of making the center light more dramatic by adding a third tier & that was brilliant. It adds so much to our large room. 

Here come the others..

They're going up..

3 on the stage..6 flow into the room

We have light kits in the 3 on stage. We used led light bulbs that were around $40 & the light was too direct, straight down & we were looking for more of a glow, so we used paper lanterns we had back stage from our "Heroes" stage. 

There are 9 total. 1 large, 8 smaller.

I also love the shadows that case on the wall projection..