Scaffolding Stage

122-3 We met & met & dreamed & would draw up what our scaffolding stage could end up looking are a few versions of probably 20+. Not kidding. I love my team & that they're willing to give hours every week while we create & walk a sometimes slow & winding road. But if you're willing to walk it, then seeing it come to fruition is always so amazing. Take a look!


We found this pic on pinterest & it ended up being our inspiration. I have no idea where it's from, or I'd give them credit!


I also didn't get pictures of the individual pieces. Here are some that a grabbed from google images, in case you're like me & know NOTHING about scaffolding. We obviously didn't have wheels at the bottom..but this does basically show the different pieces we used.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.08.16 PM IMG_0616

Now it's go time - We rented it all from Grand Rental Station, here in Northern Colorado for 8 weeks. These guys were great! As you can imagine, it took many trips & many different people getting more pieces as we were customizing it to our stage.

Here we go - - now check out all of the pics below as it comes together...


A 2nd drum kit is going up on this highest platform.


The heart you see going up is worth it's own post. It'll come soon! It was the centerpiece of our series, LOVE WORKS. 


Me getting more platforms - stuffing them in my Honda Odyssey!


The chain link fencing added a ton. Plus we can hang hubcaps & other circle garbage from it...

IMG_5775Then start adding metallic, circle pieces.


Here it is in action... staging always gets amazing once you add lights, haze & your favorite people!


Some of my favorite instagrams:

122-3  IMG_1807IMG_5958

I'm going to wrap this up with the ultimate cast pic of some Crossroads Creatives who were on the Easter team 2014. How super awesome is this. Come. On!


So, if you are a creative leader who builds sets - go build a scaffolding stage. It will be your & your community's favorite stage ever! And as always, send me pics if you do!

(BONUS LINK: Watch this phone video of the double drum feature on the scaffolding. "Hey Brother" by Avicii)