Pallet Stage


IMG_9657 Here's how the initial design began!



As I researched pallets, I found that they can be absorbed with toxic chemicals if used to transport food, or full of spiders. Ok, totally not interested in either! And they come in all different sizes. I really had rustic but uniform in mind. I found that you can order, new, recycled (leaves it with some personality) wood pallets from ULINE & they'd be delivered to the loading dock backstage. SCORE!

Here are the 50 3'x3' pallets...


We laid them face down in the pattern we wanted - alternating slats horizontal, slats vertical. The middle section is for the middle wall. The long single row with become a column up each side.

IMG_9636 IMG_9637

Then we braced the backs with 2x4's to connect them & be sure everyone brings a drill & extra batteries.


Then lift the center wall & support it until we put feet on them.

IMG_9648 IMG_9649 IMG_9651 IMG_9652

Now to add feet. This will keep the wall stable.


Raise the side columns....attaching the center wall to the side. See the feet under the center wall? We'd lift & shove a piece under, then drill a screw in from above it. We didn't lay the wall back down.


Here's a pic with the side walls too...


Center & both sides..


We took extra pallets & made the most epic man throne...


Stop it!!! Can you believe how that take light?! COME ON!


We varied the pallet wall quite a bit, but here's one concept. Hang the gorgeous cross in there!  (seriously, click the link if you haven't seen this cross before!)




Here are some more pallets with lighting pictures...


You also HAVE to see the pallets worked into the Christmas set. Because this is where it gets off the charts awesome! It worked unbelievably well with our mason jar lights & evergreen trees & wreaths. Ah, wait a sec. Those massive wreaths deserve a blog write up. Larry did it again!

photo 1-5

This seriously makes me forget I'm on a stage. How sweet is this?

photo 1-4 photo 2-4 photo 2