The Boxes


[ok - since I'm absolutely WILD about this design, I've gotta give you a sneak peek the end results]


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I've seen variations of this concept & this is the one that inspired me this year. I saw it on my instagram feed. I love this box wall!

Here's another version I found while searching....Love this one. Plus, we're going to feature our hip cross in the center.

What to see more on the 

Rainbow Boxes

? :) 

 I ordered the 24" x 24" x 24" boxes...

Here they are!

The stage is all clear & ready for our box party! Woot!

It's Monday...the pizza is hot & we're ready to pop open 120 boxes!

This could take a while!

The next day...

We're keeping this gap for our amazing cross!

Andrew in box-world.

Oh man, I love this.

And I love this even more! Wow - the lights are amazing.

I love how you can shoot different colors from each side.