The Cross


Ah, let me tell you the story. 

I first saw this pic on a friend's Facebook page... 

...and I began sharing it with my creative friends..."Do you think we could make this?" 

We all collectively knew it, we really wanted this to be part of our stage design this Easter. 

So I went straight to Larry Heckel. 

Larry is a 

phenomenal carpenter volunteer at Crossroads. I show him pictures of the craziest things & he can make them!

Here are some of the other projects that Larry built: 

The Weave


Stage Chandeliers


Larry and I began the discussions... 

We only had 2 weeks until Easter... 

Here's a picture from Larry, progress so far..

Then Amanda (phenomenal graphic artist!) designed the stained glass & we printed it in house on the same paper that we use for our light box. 

Light box - displays the weekend series & upcoming events.

Back to the cross. 

Here's Amanda's design on email:

(I'm speechless!)

Larry took the roll & glued the stain glass, light behind, sheets onto coroplast. 

I don't know if you remember this,


My definition of coroplast: 

The thin sheet of white plastic that you slide into commercial lighting. Dirt cheep & looks amazing lit from behind. 

OK here it comes on the truck! 

That little piece on the right BLEW off while they were driving. They retraced they're steps & found it on the side of the road! 

This cross is huge..10' x 6'.

We unscrewed the back to place fluorescent light bars inside.

For Good Friday, it stood center stage as the main feature of the service. 

Check out a dance piece we did using the cross too..this is on Good Friday.  

Song, "Thief" by Third Day

Then on Easter we raised it up above the boxes.

Hello!! Here I come!

Peek a boo!




the end!