Stage Chandeliers

I'm always looking around at restaurants, stores, mall & pinterest for concepts that could work for staging. I walked into a restaurant in Downtown Denver in January '09 & spotted these fantastic lights and I knew someday we'd do something with them.

2 yeas later, we were approaching our ROMANS XII series & I thought back to the lights...

Then we decided to wait until "ADVENT," our Christmas series.

I have an amazing carpenter volunteer who met me at Lowes & we began to scout out what materials could work. We found that 6' x 4' sheets of synthetic lattice,  a metal disc for the top to attach all of the string & then he was going to work on if we use string or wire.

We also liked the stripes in the original lights & tried a few options...

Electrical tape

Silver electrical tape...

Here he is! Master carpenter, Larry Heckel! He found that painting was going to be 100x faster..So he tried gold & silver & came by to see which one I liked better....

I really liked both, but silver it is!

Strings are being added....

They thought of making the center light more dramatic by adding a third tier & that was brilliant. It adds so much to our large room. 

Here come the others..

They're going up..

3 on the stage..6 flow into the room

We have light kits in the 3 on stage. We used led light bulbs that were around $40 & the light was too direct, straight down & we were looking for more of a glow, so we used paper lanterns we had back stage from our "Heroes" stage. 

There are 9 total. 1 large, 8 smaller.

I also love the shadows that case on the wall projection..