Stage design: WEAVE

At Crossroads Church we have moved from executing stage sets with every sermon series to more of a stage concept that stays up for 8 weeks to even a quarter. 

Our creative team decides together what concept we want to go with & with this being something I particularly enjoy, I've always keeping my eyes out. 

Any of the following is normal if you're in my family:
  • Pausing the TV to snap a pic of a stage set
  • Stop in the mall & snap pics of scenes set in Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters

This particular concept came straight from a great blog that I follow on twitter: 

Here is the original concept called "The Weave."

We looked at all the pictures & began to put together our version of this concept. 
A volunteer at our church made 2 prototypes & we went with the second one. The biggest difference between the 2 prototypes was white vs clear coroplast. 

We went with clear for the flexibility to light from behind. 

[I heart coroplast]

The 2nd prototype that he built that was seriously so cute, I carried it around for a day. ;p

We added a piece up the middle & all stands & center post are painted white. 

These pics look like its white, but they really are clear. I love the look that the center white post creates, included how you can see it through the coroplast.

 We specifically wanted these pieces to go in front of the heavy black side curtains. 
The sides were set as a back row of the 8' x 4' with the 6' x 4' in front 
to create depth, dimension & texture in the heights. 

For our room we made: 
2 - 12' x 4'
8 - 8' x 4' 
6 - 6' x 4'

The best part, lighting them. Ah, it's come together wonderfully. 

Check out the pics...

There I am, sitting at the most punk piano I've ever played. 

[I HEART our punk piano]
..painted by one of our drummers, Scottie Russell.

See the sweet steps peaking through choir? 
I'll explain them in another post.