Navajo Tacos

So, I was making my second big batch of breakfast burritos this month & I wanted to change up what dinner would be because we eat A LOT of green chile burritos around here. It was impromptu & turned out to be one of our favorites. I started with my tortilla dough & I made a tortilla.

Traditionally, fry bread is mixed & flattened all with your hand. And honestly, after we made them I started searching the web & learning more. I also don't have milk or sugar in my dough. But you look around & do what you want. This is just my version! Navajo fry bread is tradition to the Navajo, and comes with a story of great hardship. Fry bread is common among many Southwestern Tribes, but it is the Navajo who developed this recipe. You've maybe seen it at fairs & many restaurants as Indian Tacos. It's the state bread of South Dakota & the "Indian Taco Festival" happens the first weekend of October in Oklahoma. How'd I MISS THAT! Of course, your remaining dough can be sopapillas for dessert! #WINWINWIN!

The Dough: 

4 Cups All purpose Flour

4 Tablespoons Lard (crisco)

1.5 teaspoons Kosher Salt

1 teaspoon Baking Powder


Mix the dry together with your hands & slowly add very hot water to the bowl as you mix. Add enough very hot water until it comes together. Dump onto a floured counter top & kneed a few times. Pinch off little golf balls & let them rest together for an hour under plastic wrap & a towel. I like to keep them moist & warm.

[This is my tortilla process so far, see my TORTILLA recipe for more pictures & step by steps.]

Now you're caught up. They're ready to cook! Like I said, I approached this like a tortilla so I also rolled it out. Just my version! Then, top it with whatever you have. This is a fun solution for left overs night!

Your turn! The crispy edges, warm ingredients, topped with fresh salsa & milky sour cream will satisfy your sweet tummies on a cool fall night!

Make it, share it & show me your pics! 
XO ~ Jessica

Jessica Perez