Breakfast Braid

Oh wow. This was a quite good discovery! In college, my friend would bring home a breakfast bread, made by his mom & I've never forgotten the taste. And for real - I accidentally stumbled up on it, making it myself at home! I guess the flavor I absolutely love, is a yeast dough, scrambled eggs, cheese & bacon or sausage. 

So here's what happened. I've been practicing breads & pizza all year & we usually have an extra ball dough that goes into the fridge. I've been intimidated by yeast until now & I'm hoooooooooked. I love the smell & my kids LOVE the smell of fresh bread or pizza when they come in on a Monday night after hours of dance & karate! Does that sound like cozy, warm, family, home, comfort or what! 

Here's the dough we're crazy about... The Best Homemade Pizza Dough. I discovered this through Pinterest & it works! 

Now, onto my variation of a breakfast braid. I apologize for the dark, phone pictures, but it's worth sharing anyway! 

Here are some of my favorite fillings:
Sausage/colby jack
Bacon/sharp cheddar
Sausage/green pepper/colby jack
Feta/cherry tomato
Pancetta/fontina/roasted red pepper


Jessica Perez