Christmas Salad

I first ate this beautiful salad at a women's Christmas brunch at church & I was blown away. It was like a bruschetta, served on toasted baguettes..

Yummo. The combo of avocado, orange, pomegranate, cilantro..amazing flavor & a totally beautiful sight. 

This Christmas, I made a salad version for our family Christmas dinner & it was a keeper for sure.... 

First, begin with...

Orange vinaigrette: 

3T olive oil

1T Juice from an orange

3/4 t dijon

1 tsp honey

Kosher salt (good pinch)

Fresh cracked pepper

Next, prepare the

other ingredients

to toss in...

2 heads of 



1 pomegranate, 

slice in half. Hammer back of pomegranate to drop seeds out. Be careful of bright, staining juice. Rinse seeds.

2 Avocados, diced

1/3 Cilantro bundle, chopped

1-2 Cutie Clementines, peeled & diced,

1/2 mixed into vinaigrette

1 small block of Gouda (4 oz.),


Any other mild, creamy, white cheese will do too.

Toss just minutes before...and enjoy!