Breakfast Tacos w/ Avo-tomatillo Salsa

[Seriously. The. BEST. Flavor. You. Will. Ever. Taste.] 


The amazing marriage of chorizo & egg with the avocado/tomatillo salsa is amazing. It's hands down our favorite breakfast. But in the summer, we'll grab a zuccinni from the garden & saute it with the chorizo for a delicious dinner...OR...dice up a potato, partially boil it & add to the pan with the (cooked) chorizo.
If you have a tomatillo or 2, cilantro, serrano & an avocado. then get ready...That's all you need for the salsa.

If you keep chorizo on hand, then dreamy breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners or appetizers await.

Have I convinced you? ah geez....

Brown 4 oz of chorizo

Drain it on a paper towel, and it needs it...

Add the partner of choice to the filling,
-scrambled eggs
-diced, partially boiled potato
-diced zuccinni
Here, I've added scrambled eggs...
Now for the avocado salsa..-Tomatillo (2-3) -Cilantro (small handful - 1/4 C chopped) -Serrano (1/2 - 2 however hot you like it) -Garlic (1/2 clove) -Avocado (1 whole, beautifully ripened)

...Is that cumin? Quite possibly...that's cause this was me sneaking a pic of Mike's cooking... ;)
Grab a fresh corn tortilla, we're about to make tacos...

Confession: this pic was taken when we didn't have an avocado in the house. The salsa is still amazing even without the avocado. Don't let that stop you!

Serve with beans...refried black beans, our favorite with it & top with crumbly, queso fresco. Yummo!