Pancakes (Crispy like Grammy's)

I have the best memories of our trips to Chicago to visit Grandma & Grandpa Smith. Every meal was a feast. In the morning, we'd wake up to a beautiful breakfast spread. There would always be a pancakes & bacon morning, among other amazing dishes. Gram would cook her pancakes in the left over bacon grease. I use butter here, but sometimes, you'll find me with a bowl of bacon fat drizzling onto the pancake pan.
These are the kids' favorite pancakes. Jackson requests pancakes, "Crispy like Grammy's." 
1 Egg
1 Cup all purpose flour (we use whole wheat white)
1 Tb baking powder
1 scant tsp kosher salt (just under a tsp)
1 Tb butter
1 Tb honey
1 Cup of milk
[Heat pan on medium low]
Beat the egg in the bottom of your batter bowl
In a separate bowl, whisk the flour, baking powder & salt
Place the butter & honey in small bowl & melt together in the microwave, 30 sec.
Add the flour bowl to the egg bowl
Add the milk
SLOWLY - starting with 1 drizzle at a time - add the melted butter to the mixture
Continue a slow drizzle, whisking into the pancake batter
Let batter rest for a few minutes.
Just before cooking add a little bit of water to make the batter thin
Add a pad of butter to the pan
Ladle batter onto the pan & wait to flip until you see bubbles form along the edges
To be crispy like my Grammy made...the batter must be very thin & you need to ladle the batter into the areas of melted butter or bacon grease.
Flip pancakes when bubbles form around edges
Stack on a plate to keep warm & ENJOY!