Flautas [with shredded beef]




or Left over Roast

Corn Tortillas

Oil for frying

Cheese (

Queso Fresco





Fresh Cheese


Spray or brush oil on both sides of corn tortillas & place in 350 degree oven for 2 minutes, flip & bake the second side for another 3 minutes

Remove from oven & stack the tortillas in a tea towel. 

Reheat & shred left over roast 

Crumble large pieces of mexican fresh cheese,

queso fresco


Lay tortillas out & place filling in the center of the tortillas, add cheese...

Place seam side down on a sheet pan

Heat canola oil in a shallow pan to 350 degrees 

Place flautas seam side down in the oil & hold in place with the tongs until it begins to hold its shape.

Continue adding the flautas to the pan....

Line a sheet pan with paper towel

Remove golden brown flautas 

to drain on the paper towel

Top with guacamole, salsa & fresh cheese. Serve with your favorite sides.

VARIATIONS: Use any type of meat or bean for a filling including our favorite, 

refried beans & crumbled bacon....the best!