Green Chile with Pork

1 lbs Pork (boneless country style ribs)

1lb Anaheim or Poblano chiles, roasted, steamed, peeled, chopped

1/2 Onion chopped

6 T pork lard

1/3 C flour

6 C Chicken stock, hold at a simmer

salt, pepper

Brown pork in 2 T pork lard, season with salt & pepper until pork browns in lard.

remove to plate

Add onion to the fat in the pan & cook until golden brown

Add 2-3 more Tbsp lard or oil & 1/3 C flour.

(now we're making a roux)

Stir the flour in the lard until nutty & brown, about 7 min

Slowly add 6 Cups of boiling stock to the roux & whisk vigorously.

Bring to a boil & reduce to a simmer

Add roasted, chopped chiles to the sauce

Return pork to sauce

Simmer for at least an hour

Serve with beans, rice, tortillas, guac & all your favorite add ons & ENJOY.