Pork & Potato Tinga

My pork & potato tinga recipe is a quick weeknight version of the classic. I've attached two absolutely amazing, lengthy versions at the bottom of this page. But I have to say, I LOVE this dish. And I love sharing a one pot meal with my family with a pile of hot tortillas nearby. Variations include: Chicken/Potato, Shredded pork...top with chorizo..Keeping the potato in the dish makes it especially "comforting" to me :)


1/2 lb Boneless Country Style Pork

(diced, seasoned & fried)

1/2 onion, chopped

1 28oz Can Fire Roasted Tomatoes

1 Red Potato diced & partially boiled 

1 Chipotle + scoop of adobo

(or more if you like it hot)

1 C Chicken stock 

2 Tb pork lard or oil 

Optional toppings

4 oz cooked chorizo

1 avocado

Queso Fresco (Fresh cheese) 

Oregano (mexican preferred. Find it in the mexican foods isle in the bags)

Dice pork & fry in 1 T pork lard, remove from pot 

(this is a step that makes it quick instead of shredded meat)

Brown chopped onion until golden & brown on edges

Puree tomatoes & chipotle in food processor

Add 1 T lard to pan & turn heat to medium high

Add the tomato puree to onion & stir briskly. Reduce by 1/3 about 8 minutes on medium/high.

Add the 1 C stock & bring to a boil 

Return the pork & potato to the pot & reduce heat to low. 

Simmer gently for the afternoon or hold in 250 degree oven

When you’re ready to eat, check if it needs salt... 



                                     oregano (crushed in between hands)

 diced avocado

fresh cheese

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