"In this Church" Wall

Here's where it all began: PINTEREST! AH! Ok, so of course I love this for my house too. But when I first read it. I thought, "In this church..."

I shared it with my creative friends & they explained that it would be very easy with vinyl letters. 

We started with me sending Timothy Brister a blank wall, then he can do some mock walls with colors to help people "see" what we're thinking... 

You can see the paint swatch at the bottom....

We loved this red one best, so nailing down our red happened next. 

O.M.Gosh - it's happening! Thank you Gib for painting! 

What a transformation!

And here's Timothy Brister now! Applying the letters to the wall. My colors are off, the red is a bit orange in the shot. 



****Fast forward 15 months****

We've now added a spanish language ministry, Pacto de Amor & they have their worship service upstairs at 1pm on Sundays. 

We have also talked about wanting this decal upstairs en espaƱol! 

So, here how it happened...I found it online..and my brilliant friend Tim, became composing it.. 

Now it's going up...

Wow!! EXCEPT, Ohhh emmm gosh...we have a big misspelling...

"En Esta I


GLESIA." NOW WHAT! Then wow, our brilliant friends realized that we could just peel part of the "N" off to fix it. It worked & looks AMAZING!

It's still a lil shiny in the "N" spot...that went away. 

Tada! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!