Worship Set: April 26 & 27, '14


Back To Life // Artist: Hillsong Young & Free // Album: We Are Young & Free

Here for You // Artist: Matt Redman // Album: 10,000 Reasons

How He Loves // Artist: Kim Walker // Album: Jesus Culture: We Cry Out

Unstoppable God // Artist: Elevation Worship // Album: Raised to Life - Single

Not For A Moment (After All) // Artist: Meredith Andrews // Album: Worth It All

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The BloggyBits: 

Here's the video we showed this weekend from the recent flooding & relief that Crossroads has been a part of. This is a glimpse of what is going to happen in 65 projects next Saturday for PROJECT ONE!


These two, serious rockers, were SO happy to play together again! Yay, SAM!!! That was so fun. I hope it works out for you to play again soon! (Sam has been away traveling with work!)

photo 1-6

I loved the message this weekend - SO MUCH. You'll have to go watch it or listen to catch all of it. Love is complex - - but also so simple. Ah... go. If you missed it. Go!

photo 3-8

Backstage views! Lit up scaffolding rules.

photo 4-6

Dennis in the run through...

photo 3-7

It was seriously stupid windy outside. No, I was MAD.

photo 1-8

I love the new water/lemonade/Tea pitcher/pourer/spouts - - - why can't I think of the name?! I need a nap...

photo 2-7

I took this pic from Mary's fb page of her & Charlie, one of our greeters. Charlie is the coolest, most energetic 90 yr old! He is the best greeter & knuckles all the kids! Look at his layered shirts & collar!

photo 1-9

Sam...SO FUN!

photo 4-7

I love our team. I always say it. BUT, I love that they love each other! This was from Angi's fb..her & Layne taking a selfie. :D

photo 5-7

Rudy, man, what are you doing? Ha!

photo 2-6

#bandfamilypics! I. LOVE. THESE. PEOPLE. The end.

photo 3-9

And for the most random ending ever. This was our sunday supper. It's really important, because after the stretch my sweet family has been on... we needed comfort food in our PJ's. Or I did, at least. This is what we call, "Grandma Betty's Sunday Supper." I'm feeling a blog coming on..All of these recipes are in the cooking portion of this blog, but I should put them all together in one post. My late mother in law Betty, made this every Sunday as the kids grew up. They loved the smell of beans simmering, hot fresh tortillas in a towel & pork frying. The smell of family...home... and LOVE! This isn't random after all... totally fits with "LOVE WORKS!"

photo 2-8

Next week: PROJECT ONE!