Worship Set: Sept. 28 & 29, '13

What. A. Weekend. Ah, kids choir, week 1 of "We Are Home," kids moving around to new spaces...I LOVE our church, I LOVE our staff & I mega-LOVE our church family! Here's a recap of this phenomenal weekend!

The Songs:

We Need Each Other // Artist: Sanctus Real // Album: We Need Each Other

Our God Is Love // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

Praise Him // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: Cornerstone (LIVE)

Alive // Artist: Hillsong Young & Free // Album: Alive (Single)

Always //Artist: Kristian Stanfill // Album: Passion: Here For You

~~~ Bumper:


The BloggyBits:

Some fab captures....

[Photo credit: Seth Pickett]1377435_10151725638422800_258839795_n

[Photo credit: Regan Espinoza]1378567_10152229013203976_1569144162_n

[Photo Credit: Crossroads' fb page]1380465_10151617330946331_1401300166_n

My pics...5th & 6th graders from kids choir welcoming our 1st-4th graders to their new rooms!


Exec Pastor, Rod Kaya announcing Roddy Chong - our special guest for next weekend!


Phia (my 6 yr old) helping me move a totally heavy table from one building to the next on Sunday morning. OMGosh, we laughed SO hard.


YAY!!! Hannahlee in our new SWEET BEATS!


1st & 2nd graders grouping up & ready to do a scavenger hunt!

IMG_0710 IMG_0713 IMG_0721 IMG_0734 IMG_0736

The MIX - our new 5th & 6th grade ministry made, WE ARE HOME paintings... LOVE!


Rod interviewing Liz & Joe filming, for our bumper this week.

IMG_0749 IMG_0750

What a FUN, FUN weekend with Kids choir! Here they are having a ball before their 3rd service this weekend!

IMG_0751 IMG_0753 IMG_0760 IMG_0765 IMG_0767

I also wondered over to the youth building & LOVE the lightbox for communication.. sweetness!


The message for wk 1 of WE ARE HOME, the power of community was SOOOO good. Listen or watch HERE!



Here is beautiful Carolina, one of the pastors of Pacto de Amor, our spanish language service, getting ready for church as soon as the kids cleared out!


IMG_0798 IMG_0800

And families, families, families & STUDENTS! Hanging out in the front with cake, doughnuts & bouncy houses! TOO FUN!



The power of community. I felt it all weekend long. I LOVE our church!