Worship Set: Sept. 21 & 22, '13

What. A. SERIES. Check out the Breathe bumper, one more time. Hector Espinosa is THE MAN! Can't believe his skills! (check out his company, SPIDER & other projects he's done...you'll be blown away! ) http://vimeo.com/72431672


The Songs:

The Time Has Come // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: The I Heart Revolution

Alive Again // Artist: Matt Maher // Album: Alive Again

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: Zion

(come on...check out this beautiful moment of worship that Rod Kaya captured & instagrammed! So nice!)


Redeemed // Artist: Big Daddy Weave // Album: Love Come to Life


My Story: LISA FORD (filmed by Joe, Andrew & Turner...stunningly produced by JOE KINGRY..thank you for committing to these stories for BREATHE, Joe!)



The BloggyBits:

I love the views from up in the booth on the video switcher.


Also, here are the TECH STARS of the weekend! What a TEAM!


I loved all of these stories we filmed & shared in the Breathe series. You can see them all on the Crossroads Vimeo page. 


Pallets....ah, my heart...love them....haha..


I pulled these out once again...they were cute & turquise does sure look cute with coral...


The only prob is that I rolled my ankle twice on stage with them. No biggy. [Chris Zickrick also got down on the floor to take this. That's a real friend!]


Bailey - SWEEEEEET new tattoo! Seriously, Anne & I have got to be the only band members without a tattoo! We have this hope as an anchor! Awesome choice, man!


Pretty blurry pic...but you should have seen Chris doing leg lifts with the table at our debrief meeting on Saturday.


After the service, several of us went to hear SaraBeth & Andrew play a gig. How fun!


And Janay Deloach, another Crossroads friend had a pic on the wall!


Here's Mike, Chris & I! I was taking it with my phone's regular camera & while Andrew was singing he was motioning to go higher. Got a huge laugh out of us! Wish I had more Chris in it, but not bad!


These country rock stars. How fun!


Ok, now it's Sunday morning & we're up in the music office listening to Andrew play the theme from the Hobbit on a wooden flute... just normal stuff. Mike's listening to hear if he's going to bend the notes or not. Andrew is quite good. I think we better open a service with him on this flute in the middle of the room -  - - hmm...I'm onto something!


Ahem...ok, my friends' new shiny Airstream out back. You know it, I'm dying! As soon as I saw it I yell, "Andrew! Come on! Let's see if it's open!!" It wasn't. I had to wait till they were hanging out in it. We've got some mega glamper tailgating going on at Crossroads. We might need to designate a spot & have Stella there next weekend! That's the stuff Bloggybits are made of!


This is LINDA HEWETT! She goes down as one of my favorite friends ON. EARTH. I'm forever grateful & thankful of her friendship & support. Many people know Linda as their  teacher at one point at Erwin or Mary Blair - I knew Linda as my dad's star youth leader when he was a youth pastor. She had countless sleepovers out back with us under the stars while we were in elementary school...We've been on too many youth trips to count first as one of our leaders, then we began leading them together as I grew into adulthood...bahamas, mexico a bunch, camping trips, ski trips...we laugh til we cry in a matter of seconds..we also grabbed Linda for a quick impromptu interview this weekend, that you'll see next week. :D Linda also was just with the 150 Erwin Students stranded in Estes during the flood. She is a HERO! We took a deep breath & knew they were safe if Linda was there. xoxoxoxoxo


Hey, student ministry! RAD new shirts!!! Now if you have ?'s regarding students, see someone in these shirts on the weekend!


The 11am service cheering for Lisa Ford for sharing her story! LOVED IT!!


Sunday, I only had the cute heels on for about 4 min. I had to kick them off & run off during a song to fix something & it was TOMS from then on. I think the other look was quite cuter. But whatevs. [now this one was taken by another friend, Kerry Mollo :)] Friends, I know better. A french roll with this much slack is a big no-no. I just did it for the closing song at the 11a. LOL.


So - - - lastly, this is what's up NEXT!!!  WE ARE HOME! Check out the trailer & watch the blog for behind the scenes of this amazing wall!