Worship Set: Aug. 31 & Sept.1, '13

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.14.16 AMWatch the entire service & catch up on the series HERE. The Songs:

 Furious // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Furious

Give Me Faith // Artist: Elevation Worship // Album:  Kingdom Come

Always // Artist: Kristian Stanfill // Album: Here For You (SATURDAY)

One Thing Remains // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: Come Away (SUNDAY)

Not For A Moment (After All) // Artist: Meredith Andrews // Album:  Worth it All

Redeemed // Artist: Big Daddy Weave // Album:  Love Come To Life

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Bloggy BITS:

We had another My Story by Mike Stephenson & produced by Joe Kingry. These are so, so good! If you missed church check.it.out.....


Back to bits...

So, Scottie played bass - which was too awesome! Not only is he great to have around, he knocked it out of the park! And the white strap is too sweeeet....


Great pic from Rod! With Dave, Chris Z & Scottie rockin it..


Donavon was new on electric & did GREAT! We're excited to have Donavon around too! Here he is with Dave (drums) & Scottie (bass). Oh and they lovely pallets!


Layne & I are instagramming...That's TJ on camera!


Awesome team!


Ah, I'm thankful to set Layne's amazing handwriting loose on the piano...


It's been a while since having Layne in the band, because he is KILLING IT (that's doing great) in kids ministry! AH MAN, I'm so grateful to do ministry with layne!

IMG_9900 IMG_9901

Selfie featuring big Andrew! (what my kids call him, cause they have a cousin Andrew.) If I'm singing, I LOVE Andrew's bgvs...sheesh. And how about Redeemed at the end of the service?! This guy is something else. (Me - - pre makeup)



Here's a peek at our Sunday morning run-through. Thank you Levi & team for moving the front chandeliers! Thank you Mike for sharing your story!!! Daniel, for ALL of your help setting everything up...lyrics center screen & video directing. ALL after week 2 of school back in Boulder. MAN these people are all SO wonderful!


What an amazing message! Amazing series & week 3 is coming this week. I know what's brewing in the plans & you. will. not. want. to. miss. it.


Here's my sis, Rachael with dad & I!


Uh oh, my pic is blurry of our fam. I better get mom to text me hers. Mom, if you're reading this, text me your pic!


AND - the Smith girls! Ta-da! These 2 spent today at my house eating brisket that Mike has been smoking since yesterday. Oh my wow! I'm one lucky lady!


Ok everyone, have the best week ever! Kids choir starts on Thursday, hope I sleep! Can't WAIT!

xo Jess