Worship Set: April 13 & 14, '13


Across the Earth // Artist: Hillsong LIVE // Album: This is Our God

Bless His Name // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: The Now And Not Yet

Little Talks // Artist: Of Monsters and Men // Album: My Head Is An Animal

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) // Artist: Chris Tomlin // Album: Burning Lights

Always // Artist: Kristian Stanfill // Album: Passion - Here for You (Deluxe Edition)


This week we hung the cross & I'm LOVING it! 

Layne did an amazing job at the piano AGAIN. Brilliant!

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls for the creatives of Crossroads! Whoops! 

I thought I'd take a crazy before pic..This is how I ran in & ran our meeting, BUT - - I exercised, made the cinnamon rolls and drove the RV! I can paint my face later! Haha...

Fast forward to before and after: 

Running the song, Little Talks totally fun weekend! 

Tech team rocking my face off!

Here's Nick, Levi, Mandy & Sue...

There's Pedro on drums & Layne on keys..love these guys!

And Randy & Pedro! 

And SAM! I'm so thankful for all of you! 


Cinnamon rolls & coffee in the camper! 

Here's a peek at my notes from the weekend on Facing My Fears. Fantastic message! I'm a lucky girl having John Smith as my dad - He's used pieces of this message my whole life to help me get over some crazy irrational fears. I'm totally not afraid to fly anymore! 

...Speak truth to myself~GET.A.GRIP.

Next Week: