Worship Set: Feb. 23 & 24, '13



Manifesto // Artist: The City Harmonic // Album: The City Harmonic

Our God Is Love // Artist: Hillsong // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

Beautiful Things // Artist: Gungor // Album: Beautiful Things

More Than Amazing // Artist: Lincoln Brewster // Album: Real Life

Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise) // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Cornerstone

Here's a pretty normal view into my purse: Heals & a sandwich. At least my sandwich is in a baggie! 


Ah, I love having Andrew here!

And Chris & Sam - - - LOVE all of these guys! 

Alek, Layne & Dave - WAY TO GO! 

We also had baptisms all weekend & here's Katie's video/baptism from Saturday night...


Oy!! Mike's man socks in my leopard heels! 

My how Colorado weather can change! 

Here we are - - toughy Colorado-blizzard-worship-leaders!

Oh yeah..

Running outside for "band-in-the-blizzard-pics!"

WAIT! Here is a hard core, Crossroads HERO!!! 

Hidden behind my piano all along - - yesterday pumps. Sneaky me...

My creative message notes made with Paper53 on the iPad...Great Message, Katie Martinez!