Worship Set: Feb 9 & 10, '13

Gorgeous pic from Brianne Witt this weekend! 
Nothing Is Impossible // Artist: Planetshakers // Album: Nothing Is Impossible

Whom Shall I Fear // Artist: Chris Tomlin // Album: Burning Lights

Stand In Awe // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Full Attention

Called Me Higher // Artist: All Sons & Daughters // Album: The Longing - EP

With Everything // Artist: Hillsong // Album: This Is Our God


[First of all, I couldn't find my phone on Sunday so I have NO PICS! WAH!! Enjoy our iPad creations on Paper53!]

I LOVE these notes we take on our iPads..And Dennis' message was fantastic & the worship - WOW!

Layne's notes:

Mandy's notes:

My notes:

Our Happy Birthday card to Landon!