Worship Set: Dec 1 & 2, '12

What a glorious pic captured this weekend by Layne Arakaki!
The reflection of the trees in the baptism pool - unreal! 
Something About December // Artist: Christina Perri // Album: A Very Merry Perri Christmas - EP

Bless His Name // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Jeremy Riddle

Our God is Love // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

One Thing Remains // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: Come Away (Deluxe Edition)


Ok for me, the bits have GOTTA start with the stage...including the red piano & the window screens that are hanging in the back! These WILL get blogged later. OMGosh. 

The screens! Worthy of it's own blog. Coming SOON!

This is Friday afternoon....ah! Coming so together! 

Light box =  LOVE [to me]. Mmmm....coroplast! My BFF, unless window screens become my BFF. We'll see where this goes! 

Layne giving the piano a final coat of paint [for the week]. More love is going to happen to this paint concept!

Ok - WOW...this is practicing on Saturday. I can hardly contain myself with the icy blues! WOW! 

I now call this, the ICY stage. Totally! 

Here's Tim setting a cam & Katie setting up Advent. Great, great things are in store for the weekend!

Chris ripping a sweet guitar solo during rehearsal! Poor guy getting sicker by the minute & did totally great all weekend.

Whoa, look at how much Andrew is RAWKING!

Here's Landon! Man, he sounds SO good! Wow, Landon!

Dave, Randy & Chris - all sounding SO good..

Choir - choir - choir! Super love these people! They're starting to come & warm up on Saturday!

And the Woests - they're lighting the Advent candle this weekend. I SUPA DUPA triple heart LOVE this fam!!!

ACTIVATE! I love these quarterly challenges! 

WOwzzzzzziieeeee!! How gorgeous!

K - these didn't turn out, but fun nonetheless!

The fastest sneakiest pics during the greet!

Wonderful stories & baptisms all weekend....


I'm whisper-yelling, "BEST CHOIR EVER!!" 

Hi Katie!! You so help make it BEST CHOIR EVER!

So do Tim, Tawni, Tammie & Lara!!

What a great message! "Why Christmas?" You can listen/watch here.

Here's a peek at my notes during the service..

ACTIVE! Take 3!! Woot! Whoa! Look at that slick piano! 

Hanging in the atrium! I'm so thankful to be in such a beautiful church! I love this corner of windows.

Here are 100 potential life group leaders at a lunch after church! 

I ALWAYS love seeing Pacto de Amor's artwork translated into spanish! A Different Kind of Christmas! 

Dave Martinez, SWEET pic on instagram!

Shannon, LOVE this instagram of these two BFFs :) 

2 Sweet girls made me this picture while we were working on the Christmas stage..

Here are some more fantastic pics by Layne...

My little buddy hangin with mommy!

And this #regram of Layne's piano pic! Prob a fave pic of the week!

Here are my message notes made on my iPad with an app called "Paper53" 

What's next?! OMG! Glad you asked! 
KIDS CHOIR & Baby Dedications! SO FUN!

xo the end xo