Worship Set: Nov. 3 & 4, '12

The incredible ice sculpture by Laurie Petty of Dazzling Ice Scultures!
The Time Has Come // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: The I Heart Revolution

Give Me Faith // Artist: Elevation Worship // Album: Kingdom Come

10,000 Reasons // Artist: Matt Redman // Album: 10,000 Reasons

Home // Artist: Phillip Phillips // Album: Home - Single


Here we go! It's Saturday afternoon, this weekend is going to be incredible & the band is just getting started!

I'm making my debut on bells! Look out! 

Janay is now in the house! Here's we're just getting the seating & staging set...


This is IN service - Saturday! 

Here are 2 of my darlings with Janay! Micah keeps talking about that girl that JUMPS INTO THE SKY! My oh my, they're cute! 

[Thanks Shannon Zickrick for the sweet facebook pics!]


Ok, who left their mint on the piano? We blamed Layne for fun, but really we think it's Anne's. :)

This is the ice sculpture design that Laurie sent to me this week...
WOW! I'm blown away at her gifts & love seeing how it can be used in the church! 

Here she is - from Dazzling Ice Sculptures....she is amazing!


Mrs HannahLee & EliseClaire! CUTIES! 

Wow! It's all set - AMAZING! 

Oh choir - you are sumpin else! Look at all this RAD red accenting! I HEART YOU!

Triple HEART you!! I snuck this people while church was "greeting each other!" :) 
Hahahaha lololol...

Oh sneaky me. This might have been during church...

Oh Em Gosh....Katie Martinez fed us a warm, delish, wonderful breakfast. Thank you KATIE! MmmmmM!!!!! 

Oh choir (9am)- there you are again. FUN to the MAX!!! 

Breakfast, hangout, friend time, (game time) during the 9am message...

Janay's line after the 9am service...fun, fun, fun! 

Fantastic kids' hall decorated for Game Changers! 
[Our next series!]

Sweet ladies!!! Janell & Mitzi! 

Oh boy!!! CHOIR take 3!! Here's the wild 11am BUNCH!! 
Mega HEART you!!!

How awesome! Here, we're watching footage of Janay before she comes up for the interview.


...the interview...

Praying with Janay at the end of the interview...

More pics to top it all off....

I stopped by the Pacto de Amor service upstairs & was blown away by the coolest all girl band! They sound so good & this church is worshiping BIG. I mega-love this team!! xo

I loved this pic from mom's facebook page of her, Janay & dad! 

Wait, one more awesome Shannon Zickrick-pic....I love leading worship with these friends. They are SO good & SO fun to be around. My heart is full, full, fulll.....xoxoxox

What's NEXT?! Glad you asked! 

Oh man-can't wait-gonna be OFF THE HOOK!

And I.Will.See.YOU.then! 

xo theEND xo