Worship Set: Oct 20 & 21, '12

Ah, The Family Series, wk 2 & more Photo Booth!!! 
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Nothing Is Impossible // Artist: Planetshakers // Album: Heal Our Land

God Is Able // Artist: Hillsong LIVE // Album: God Is Able

One Thing Remains // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: Come Away

The House That Built Me // Artist: Miranda Lambert // Album: Revolution

Always // Artist: Kristian Stanfill // Album: Passion: Here For You


I love going to church and being led by these serious worship leading giants! 

Ah, I was blown away with joy ova-flowing.....OMGosh. 

Seriously, Andrew & Layne - I LOVED this new song, "Nothing Is Impossible." 
They were rockin my face off so big time. OMGOSH!

Bailey! Wha?! All of his playing, leads, parts, sounds. 
SO good, man. SO good. I'm so proud of Bailey - he's a senior in high school now & when I first met him, we worked on music during the summer of his 9th grade year. My has he grown into such a great musician & leader!

Josh's magical knobs. Not just anyone can create the atmosphere Josh does with this board. Holy moly! 

The view of "One Thing Remains" behind Tim's fantastic lighting. So the other thing I love - being in the skybox, feeling out the room - what a holy moment in worship.....

HannahLee hosted & was GREAT!

*gasp* "The House That Built Me." 

Unreal moment - you could hear a pin drop in the room...so it was real important that I choke back the ugly cry. Anne & Andrew - stunning.

Ah, my lifelong friend, Linda with Mike! 

"Anne's pants are fantastic!" 
*Things you hear in the atrium after services*

Wow - wow - wow - this was during One Thing Remains...

What's NEXT??!!

Well, I'm SO glad you asked! 
TRUNK OR TREAT!!!! Look at this little darling.....

My kids - who are totally & completely obsessed with minis about croaked!!! 
We can't wait for Saturday! 

And remember - last photo-booth this weekend!

xo the end! xo