Worship Set: Oct 5 & 6, '12



Unwell // Artist: Matchbox Twenty // Album: Exile On Mainstream

Salvation Is Here // Artist: Hillsong // Album: God He Reigns

Search My Heart // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: Live in Miami

Beautiful Things // Artist: Gungor // Album: Beautiful Things

Came To My Rescue // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: United We Stand

SO - - - Saturday AM started out with the ladies FALL DIY! 
ACKK!!!! I'll seperate out the DIY with pics & links because these crafts are TO.DIE.FOR!
Check 'em out!

Anne's goth pumpkin was so rad!

What? OMGosh!!! Tulle wreathes - I'm so hooked.

My first time in the backpack vacuum. There was, um, like a lot of glitter to pick up.

Now - fast forward a few hours - here's the band rehearsing. I love little band buddies joining us before Mrs Meghan got there! 

It was a HUNGRY MUNGRY band Saturday night - so I showed them right to the DIY brunch left overs. PHEW - Layne's feeling much better. 

And, oh wait....Babycakes (Joley King) made scones that they, like totally melted over! I've never tasted anything like it!

More munching & chatting...

...with Ben, who joined us on drums & rAWked! 

We also have many mutual friends & I sent this to them...Including a COUSIN OF mine! Wow, smallest world ever!

I came home to my Mikey P making, the BEST dinner ever - such the best dinner that he has to start it the night before. Chile Rellenos. 

The kids came with me super early, early - we ran to Kings 
[because it was Josh's (Sound man extraordinaire!) b-day!]

And it was freezing....

Baby Leo again - maybe he's trying to sing...LOVE it!

Andrew is having a bad stretch of breaking strings. 
:( Poor big Andrew 
[as my little micah-boy calls him - b/c he has a cousin Andrew who's 6]

Mismatched-man-socks-season is BACK! WOOhooOO! 
[poor mike]

Layne stole my phone & snapped one of the papz 
[me = paparazzi]

Chris Z=the man

Ryan, Andrew & Landon...


New panorama feature on OS 5. I'm diggin'.

Dancing like boy bands & I'm crying. LAUGHING. TOO. HARD...

Ben, dancing....hello - my face hurts...tears....smeared makeup...

ALEK! Holy CRUD! Now he's STRONG!


Self-TIMER on Camera+! 
[I'm close to crazy when it comes to photo apps] 

Rod lost a football bet & had to wear this jersey this weekend :) 

This is Landon's, post church, hat hair. Fantastic!!

I loved this little capture that I instagram'd celebrating JOSH! 
Check out that flame! 
[& keep it AWAY from my dirty hair]

Micah-boy took one of Big Andrew's broken strings to play with...oh to be 3! xoxo

There is just a peek at my Rellenos on Sunday...Yummo.

The Players of the weekend.....Rocked my face off & gave my face muscles a serious work out. Joy overload, talent galore & an incredible end to You Make Me Crazy at Crossroads! 

What's next? SO glad you asked! 

The Family series!

...photo by my amazingly talented friend, Mandy - Artfully designed & directed by Amanda Ferri. You two are AWE-mazing! 

xo the end xo