Sept. 22 & 23, '12

Layne;s standout from today's message on "How to NOT Marry a Crazy Person!"



The Time Has Come // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: We Cry Out

Stand in Awe // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Full Attention

How Great Thou Art // Artist: Carrie Underwood // Album:  How Great Thou Art

A Thousand Years // Artist: Christina Perri // Album: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Pt. 1


This weekend we started something new called, ACTIVATE. A brief time together with those who call Crossroads their home - to hear vision of the church, where we're headed this year & some challenges for the congregation. It gives us a chance to communicate things we aren't always able to on a weekend. 

I LOVE this~LIKE super-LOVE! I love vision casting/vision hearing~ It made me wanna do a toe-touch from the stage! WOOT!

Practicing on Saturday afternoon! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE & love being here!! 

Welcome to hosting for the first time, ROD KAYA! YES!

Randy & Anne in the run-through w/ Rod - ha..

And then one of my favorite moments of the weekend, but there were MANY....

A Thousand Years in the service. (from Twilight) This song actually motivates me to see the movies, of which I haven't seen any. I won't though. I'll fall asleep. And it's not Disney. And I won't remember it, even if I do.

But, oh geez. Andrew & Anne rocked it! I liked this, a picture of Katie taking a picture. 
(tune of Gangnam Style)
Hey, sneaky Laday! 
(Ack, that was so nerdy. This is when I do bloggy-bits hyper.)

For reals, here's the sweet shot Katie took for the web - love it...

Randy & Mike are my heroes this weekend! Filling in & playing 2 in a row! 

I took this leaving the parking lot Saturday night.
"Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made..." 

Driving to church - early, early with all chickies! 
(we're at a stop light!)

Momma Perez's mexican food upstairs for volunteers!
(my cooking blog name)

Potatoes, beans, eggs, cheese...

& green chile...

Dave building his...

...and Andrew after his 3rd - needing a nap...

Bustling atrium after the 9 o'clock service

Rod opening Activate...

Sitting together!

Panoramic pic of ACTIVATE with the DMD app~
[i heart photo apps!] 

...want a sneak peek into next weekend?



*CHOIR is back! What?! What?!

OMGosh! How will I sleep this week! 

xo the end! xo