Worship Set: Sept. 15 & 16, '12

Layne Arakaki took notes on his iPad in the app Procreate...These are incredible! 

Bless His Name // Artist: The Now and Not Yet // Album: Jeremy Riddle

Cornerstone // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: Cornerstone

Rise // Artist: Shawn McDonald // Album: Closer

How He Loves // Artist: David Crowder // Album: Church Music

Healing is in Your Hands // Artist: Christy Nockels // Album: Passion: Awakening



Saturday rehearsal - - first run of Rise...

I LOVE these guys! 

A little preservice meeting action, sneaky pic by Rod Kaya~There's another tweeter/pictakerer in the room! ;)

At the beginning of the message, my dad wore the heals that he wore for the march, "WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES." An International Men's march to stop rape, sexual assault & gender violence. Check out Pastels on 5th website HERE

This incredible event took place last weekend & will happen again next year. It's also where my pics from last weekend, of our Angry Birds sidewalk art came from. Make sure you're a part of it! 

You can see the pics up on the screen too - very moving. 

After church, these 2 were chanting something so adorable together...This happens all the time! LOVE IT!

Wow, the sky on our way to church (Sunday) was gorgeous..this was pulling into church.


My little doll came with me early & went right to these shoes. She said "they are blueish green & really match my shirt." Totally, girl! I agree! This little one will be an artist of some kind!

A pick of @MelissaPickett's notes fb'd...

At this exact moment, I'm backstage & moved by this statement, 
"Healing begins with the healer..."

More pics of "RISE.." Like Katie said, "Chris & Andrew set the tone for the Good news at Crossroads with 'Rise.'" So true...

Thank you SO much Vicky Bryant, for sharing your story. I LOVE working with Vicky at Crossroads & now having an even greater understanding of how God is doing such amazing, life changing work through her. WHAT A WOMAN. Thank you God for your relentless LOVE for Vicky!

Look at these little Zickrick/Perez buddies after church! 

Phia's shirt..Yes Phia, your daddy DOES ROCK!!

cRAzY Hair!!! Mommy needs to fix it!

Ok, this is why it's a tad crazy - this is my wild little one & absolutely, exactly, 100% me.

Catching AIR!

See what I mean? Me... to a T.

When I was driving home, I was at the stop light & moved by my memories of the farm house. I think its time I take some friends into there this week. I thought of the lives changed in student ministry there, the "My Stories" from students shared in there & the pic that a former student drew of me in skate clothes that ended up copied & hung everywhere in there. I also thought of a poem written by a high school girl called, "The Farmhouse." I bet it's still there...That's it, I'm going in this week! Who's coming?

My message notes taken on the iPad app @Paper53...

See you next week for "YOU MAKE ME CRAZY" week 6. 
~How to NOT fall in love with a crazy person!~

*toodles from Phia*

xo the end xo