Worship Set: Sept. 8 & 9, '12

These guys. Playing OZZY at church. Who woulda thunk?!Pic courtesy of Anne Martinez - saweeeet!

Manifesto // Artist: The City Harmonic // Album: The City Harmonic

Search My Heart // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: Live in Miami

God of this City // Artist: Chris Tomlin // Album: Passion: God of This City

Crazy Train // Artist: Ozzy Osbourne // Album: Ozzy Osbourne


Saturday started with Pastels on 5th. Many of us from Crossroads were a part of it & Vicky from our offices heads up the event. It was fantastic. Pastels on 5th raises money for Alternatives to Violence. It does it in such a fun, creative way too. Gathering artists, musicians, restaurants & the community for a great cause.   

My little Jackson (age 6) and I did this Angry Birds scene for "B" Sweets Cupcakes...it was so fun. My finger is still numb & my buns. are. sore. 

Here is "I Scream" by Tim & Amanda! Isn't that great - such smooth, beautiful colors. Mega talented friends!

Ok, and WOW. Check out Shannon & Layne working on Crossroads' square. I'm blown away!

Holy moly. What the what? How do you do that with pastels?! On a sidewalk?! 

Here is a pic from "Walk a mile in her shoes" at Pastels on 5th. Incredible! Men wore high-heals & walked for 1 mile. 

Alrighty - - here we go - - It's Saturday & we're prepping for the services & here, "Crazy Train" - SO funny!

These 3 ROCK MY FACE OFF!!!!

....the band practicing...

I had to stop & snap this pic - just taking in the amount of awesomeness from this team! Golly, talk about heavy hitter - talented - funny - quality leaders - across the whole stage. I'm so proud to serve with such wonderful people!

Angi - rocker girl!

Some of the band did a quick, risky run to Sonic - now that is cRaZAy!!!! 

Ah, my only pic of Dave Snyder giving his story. Thank you Dave! 

And finally...Rod!! Welcome, Rod Kaya, our new Executive Pastor. We introduced Rod in all of the weekend services & prayed for him & his family. I'm beyond excited to have Rod with us now. I love his leadership, vision & sense of humor! This is going to be a great year...

Praying for Rod & Tara....

And here they are at the 11 o'clock service with their children Rhett & Emmy too. We're all so excited you guys are at Crossroads! 

"You Make My Crazy!" 
...continues next week~can't wait! 

xo the end xo