Worship Set: Aug. 4 & 5, '12

Photo courtesy of the one & only JANELL!!!!! Xoxo - thanks friend! 

High of 75 // Artist: Relient K // Album: MmHmm

The Time Has Come // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: The I Heart Revolution

A Mighty Fortress // Artist: Christy Nockels // Album: Passiong: Awakening

I Asked You for Life // Artist: Kim Walker // Album: Here is My Song

Landslide // Artist: Dixie Chicks // Album: Home

God is Able //Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: God is Able



The master carpenter Larry Heckel who makes the awesome stage pieces, chandeliers etc., has now began making some signage for around the building. 
These look fantastic, Larry! 

Ian on bass! WOO HOO!

My hubsy Mikey P. on drums....FAST! 

Front cam on me...

There are my little monkeys after visiting the fair & now waiting 'til they can check in. 

Here are our guitar stools - Anne's in the middle. :) 
That works! 

Sam!!! YES!!!! We've missed you Sam! So nice to play with him & have him hanging with us this weekend! 

Tim setting the GoPro...

Sweet shot! 

Re-debuting my guitar playing this weekend...LOVED IT! 

My text to Andrew - "oh yes I am!" 

"High of 75" from the crowd! 

The 9am hangout! 

Ope! Sneaky "High of 75" shot from behind!  

And from the side...

Landslide from Shannon Zickrick's phone...She called Anne the "Queen of Guitars." :) Cute! 

After church, we staged out the staging for the Global Leadership Summit. 
R.I.P. box wall. My favorite, wall. 
Here comes Chris & Layne crashing through it!

And the staff kids helping!

Sam getting crushed by the other side! 

Phia ordering the kids around...

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!! Zickrick, Perez & Peterson kiddies!

*GASP! Boxes are down....cross coming down & getting moved...

#thePLAYERS of the weekend! 

Again...friends that rock my FACE OFF!!! These people LOVE Jesus, each other & are gifted galore! 

xo the end xo