Worship Set: June 21 & 22, '12



Life is A Highway // Artist: Rascal Flatts // Album: Cars

Manifesto // Artist: The City Harmonic // Album: Introducing The City Harmonic

God You Reign // Artist: Lincoln Brewster // Album: Today is the Day

King of All Days // Artist: A_Cross//The_Earth // Album: Hillsong United

Knee Deep // Artist: Zac Brown Band // Album: You Get What You Give (Deluxe Version)

Your Love Never Fails // Artist: Chris Quilala // Album: Your Love Never Fails

{saturday only}
*Waiting Here for You // Artist: Christy Nockels // Album: Passion - Here for You



How fun - - John was with us this weekend!

...working on "Knee Deep"..

Fire on water or water on fire...courtesy of Pedro & Landon. :) 

We left the star, boxes and balloons up from kids camp...

John, me & Chris Bell - - LOVED having Chris B!


Songs of Summer = toooooo fun! 

Yippee - Chris B was back, it's been a while - we sure love having him leading! 

Layne too...we are a sassy bunch. :)

Mrs. Kaye! A HERO of All Star Camp! We are still standing! It's a miracle! 

Hanging in the atrium..

Thanks Mary!

Snuck a pic from stage at the opening of "Life is a Highway"

Ok, snuck another - love the boxes lit! HeLLO Pedro!! 
I LOVE having Pedro on drums! Passion, energy, fun! 

The PLAYERS of the weekend! Uh, this weekend went down in history....most fun ever? I say that EVERY WEEK! 

11am closing song I couldn't find my shoes anywhere & just wore my flip-flops. No biggy. 
But at least now I see WHY I couldn't find them! 

Dad with Janay DeLouch! She's heading to the Olympics this week in Long Jump! GO GET 'EM!!!

We had a few guitars this weekend! LOL...

Here were some great pics my friend Janell sent me from the crowd. 
What a great weekend! 


King of All Days...


King of all Days...

Life is a Highway!

Ok, then after church we had family over & the best pulled pork I've ever had! Mikey, put the pork in the smoker before bed the night before. OMG. But first, this really happened. :) This is Auntie's little Lilo, she's quite the little princess!

Lunch. WOW!

And my Zinnias are beginning to open....how gorgeous!