Worship Set: June 30/July 1, '12

What a wonderful weekend!!! David Harris' MESSAGE was SO inspiring! Christy's interview from 4 yrs in the Peace Corps...music, wonderful, band - so fun....



My Savior Lives // Artist: New Life Worship // Album: My Savior Lives

Where I Belong // Artist: Building 429 // Album: Listen to the Sound

All This Time // Artist: Britt Nicole // Album: Gold

Stop And Stare // Artist: OneRepublic // Album: Dreaming Out Loud

Alive Again // Artist: Matt Maher // Album: Alive Again



This is Josh. Our phenomenal sound guy...who now is also known as the phenomenal electric guitar player. And now here, an extraordinary nose-picker. 

(truth: my first blurry pic I took he was rubbing his nose, so then he's like, "Ah, that just looked like I was picking my nose & I was just simultaneously trying to get a picture, then his imitating actually looked like it. the end)

Anne thinking of trying a fried caterpillar....



Here's Christy! She was sharing her story & journey of spending 4 years in the Peace Corps. She brought the fried caterpillars. Here are MANY down front trying them.

Pedro & Randy. Wow, these guys are fantastic! 

David speaking at the 11 o'clock. Wow, how totally inspiring & motivating. I LOVED IT. The link is at the top, if you missed it! Take a listen! 

This was a RAD non-nose picking pic that I posted on fb...

I also had the chance to serve at Pacto de Amor this weekend. It was also SO inspiring & PASSIONATE! Nayeli lead worship & Chayito seriously PREACHED!!! These women were fantastic. Their hearts are so full, rich & passionate for God. I learned so much by being there! 

Here's Chayito! 

And Jorgito! He plays drums in the band for Pacto & was hangin' in the tent before the service. FUN! 

...some other cuties from Pacto de Amor - I LOVE these babies!

Have a great week!!! 

xo the end xo