Worship Set: May 26 & 27, '12


the SONGS:

Grow // Artist: JJ Heller // Album: The Pretty and the Plain

Rooftops // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: Come Away

Wholly Yours // Artist: David Crowder Band // Album: A Collision

Stand in Awe // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Full Attention

The Greatness of Our God // Artist: HIllsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

Overcome // Artist: Jeremy Camp // Album: We Cry Out


the BloggyBits:

Ok come on, let's start at my house - we have some happy chickies & a happy hubs with a great new little drum set! 

These were happening while the drums were being unpacked & set up. 
Never a dull moment at the Perez home! :) 

Oooh gorge! 

Poor Josh had a trip with the Yamaha & we had to have a quick surgery on the E below middle C. 

Layne  = most awesomest

Saturday night I was up way too late drawing the one & only OPTIMUS PRIME! It was quite a present for Jackson to wake up to. He was quite excited! I drew this on the app, Paper on the iPad. 

Ok sad, but don't worry, they weren't that missed...But anyway, I forgot these flowers on Saturday. Here are Jackson & Sophia helping to bring them in on Sunday morning. haha. 

Look at these rockstars. Man these guys rock my face off...

Layne, Andrew, My hubs MIKE, Bailey & Chris!

This is my throat. My voice. That I lost literally after the opening song "Grow" at the 9am service. I hit "Rooftops" and bam. Gone. Even the tech guys were going, "where did it go?"

Sorry 11am service for the big air holes that came out on every over a G#. You all sang awesome & carried it! And then our team changed a song on the fly mid service. These guys are so great! And of course we had LOADS of fun! 

Layne! And Global Leadership SUMMIT!! Can't WAIT! 

Janell & Neil! Incredible guest service team & Janell made 30+ MORE paper flowers for this week's stage...AND she bought me the cutest, hippest apron for my birthday! I've always wanted one!! THANK YOU!!!

Bailey & Andrew just looking so awesome backstage. 

Dad giving mom a flower from the stage! 
[if you look closely, the downside of landscape fabric is it rips easily. Boo. Gotta replace it]

Dad's message was great - WHY I WORSHIP...SO good. I snapped this because I loved the quote on the screen. 

"Beware of spending too much time looking back at what you once were, when God wants you to become something you've never been!" Oswald Chambers


After church, my friend Nayeli from Pacto de Amor gave me THE MOST delicious, gorgeous cake for my birthday & for our family party. Oh my, it's amazing...

Come on....gotta end with this sweet shot again. Their awesome faces put on #theplayers of Crossroads pic this weekend. This is too cool. Must be a weekly to-do.  

xo the end xo