Worship Set: May 19 & 20, '12


the SONGS:

Alive Again // Artist: Matt Maher // Album: Alive Again

Bless His Name // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Not Now & Not Yet

Waiting Here for You // Artist: Christy Nockels // Album: Passion - Here for You

Garden // Artist: Matt Maher // Album: Matt Maher

One Thing Remains // Artist: Jesus Culture // Album: Come Away

You Alone Are God // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Mighty to Save


the BloggyBits:

First of all, our set is GROWing! 

And then....OH WOW!!

Just wait until this last week!

[consider yourself warned]

I have 2 new awesome friends:

Brian on bass...

...and Pedro on drums...

These guys rock my face off. Not only at their instruments but having laugh attacks upstairs eating snacks too. TOOOOOOO fun... Thanks for hanging with us guys! 

Seriously we are so blessed with everyone on this team. 

For the reals, they're all so fun & wonderful..every week. This isn't even everyone. Every week is amazing & I'm in awe of every person that serves in worship at Crossroads. 

God is SO good. He takes such good care of His church & His people! 

Sneaking a pic of Chris..

And of Andrew & Layne....

My 3 yr old Micah calls him "big Andrew" because he has a cousin named Andrew & this is big Andrew. He likes big Andrew a lot & we think Micah looks like a baby Andrew. Here he was getting a cool haircut on Monday night. 

Anyway, back to the weekend!

My Phia & Jackson playing iPad backstage before church on Sunday. Daddy & Micah were home sick. :( 

Big Andrew...

Dad mic checking & doing a bossy, yelly pose....

My eyeballs....

My crazy hair and a confession:

my platinum streaks are weaves until I can get my dark brown to a platinum. I had a rough night sleep on Saturday with a sick 3 yr old & it was quite entertaining see my platinum streaks sticking straight out on Sunday.

There's Chris again & man look at those flowers behind!

Posing in front of my giant flowers. I LOVE THEM & CAN'T STOP MAKING THEM! 

Snack time! I remember right at this second telling Landon that he's so sophisticated. Look at that awesome jacket. This guy is dripping with CLASS! 

I'm not even explaining this one. No. Not even for a second. But wow - what amazing, artist photos! {photos by Landon. Trouble by Pedro}

This could win awards!

Gimmee that flower! I want it behind my ear!!

Come on everyone, family pic by the GROW set! 

Found a sweet trick! Pull my legging tights down over my blisters! WOOOOOT! 

I snapped this screen shot right as I got home from an awesome weekend. This band is filled with the most incredible, warm, loving, passionate servants & worship leaders. What a great time! Can't wait for this coming weekend!! 

...And I loved the song Garden, SO MUCH. I think this line has incredible art potential.....and have a big feeling something will be created soon out of this.

xo the end xo