Worship Set: May 12 & 13


the SONGS:

The Earth is Yours // Artist: Beautiful Things // Album: Gungor

Desert Song // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: This is Our God

Your Love Never Fails // Artist: Chris Quilala // Album: Your Love Never Fails 

Glass // Artist: Thompson Square // Album: Thompson Square

God Of This City // Artist: Chris Tomlin // Album: Passion: God of This City


the BloggyBits:

Ah - - - this week our GROW stage grew just a bit bigger :) 

Thanks to Janell & Mandy! We have so much fun creating together. 

Here comes Andrew & Josh! 

Rehearsing on Saturday...

Lots of mommies looked so beautiful for Mother's Day, but this mommy wanted to skip a shower & wear flip-flops for Mother's Day. Ah. So. Nice. 

But, the day I wear flip-flops, I tripped & did a nose dive into this door. I don't know how, but landed holding my coffee. You can see some of the splashes on the floor. At least it was during a funny MOM VIDEO so no one heard the crash. :) 

We also had a record, 2 things land in toilets. 

1. Earbuds.

2. My pack. 

It's having a little staycation in rice til Saturday.
Convenient that we have a bag of rice backstage just-in-case. *wink*

I had to snap a picture of Mike on the bells during "The Earth is Yours!"Man that guy is FANTASTIC! xo ;D

SO many babies & children dedicated all weekend long. I love it! SO WONDERFUL!! 

Lindsey, Derrik & their precious darling Zoie! 

Another beautiful Mommy!

Kaye! Thank you Mrs Kaye for all of the wonderful Muffins! 

And another beautiful Mommy, Shannon! 

And her man, Chris with Clive! 

Dad & Mom

Dad & Laurie Troge.. Drummer Scottie's biggest sis. We go back 25 years! 

The Maxfields talking. Ok, so I just love walking around the atrium seeing people & seeing all the action. LOVE IT! 

New child check-in system. Daniel is THE MAN & has been checking people in & training for weeks & weeks & weeks! 

Kathy & Janell. Choir friends & creators! 

Mr Dave!!! The best chiropractor in the world & his wife Mrs Karalee has taken care of my children since they were babies. WE LOVE Mr. Dave & Mrs. Karalee!
[and he straightened me out after my crash, good as new]

Katie - - great MESSAGE
..With all her girls in the front row. :)  

Poppy & PHIA! Ah LOVE!

Me & My MOMMA!

My darlings! I am a blessed!