Worship Set: April 28 & 29, '12


the SONGS:

The Time Has Come // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: United We Stand

Bless His Name // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Jeremy Riddle

Beautiful Things // Artist: Gungor // Album: Beautiful Things

I Am A Seed // Artist: David Crowder Band // Album: Give Us Rest

With All I Am // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: For All I've Done

Salvation is Here // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: God He Reigns

Part 1 of Debbie Thomas' MY STORY
Thank you Debbie for spending the weekend with us & great job producing the video, Tim. 


the BloggyBITS:

This week, Janell & I added some roots & dirt to our GROW stage! 
And keep your eyes open, it's going to keep growing....oooh fun! 

I'm lovin' it! 

There's Chris, Wes & Amanda at rehearsal on Saturday. 

And my little drummer boy. Ah, he feels at home playing in the band!


"I Am A Seed" at rehearsal. Totally awesome..

Here's my choppy iPhone recording of the 9am service. Too bad I started it a little late & ended it a too early! 

Andrew & Chris....man I love these guys! 

2 little baby drummer-boy & buddies!

Oh the most wonderful, Janell! Painter of this year's turquoise piano & many other things. A Crossroads Creative extraordinaire!

Pete, Amanda & Tim helping out the message this weekend. Great illustration & way to teach this week's message! All of the GROW messages are HERE if you missed any, or want to hear them again!

Me, "Hey, where are my shoes?!"
Chris, "There's one by my electric?" 

Ah, and here's the other! 

Ok, stage skirt secret....goldmine...Landscaping fabric. Can I get a WOOT! 

Amanda & Tim! 

Pete & my dad...

My instagram of "I Am A Seed!" 

Dad teaching Do vs Done....love this...

My shoes of the weekend. It's amazing how these blue shoes make the leopard ones comfortable

The cross, the boxes, the roots, my talented drummer husband on the left....what a great weekend!

xo The End! xo