Worship Set: March 24 & 25, 2012

What an amazing weekend! Thanks for taking a moment to see what happened in our midst at Crossroads this weekend. God is so good & we are learning about living in the kingdom of God. 
The series: The Jesus Way. 
Click HERE for the messages...you will be mind-blown! 


the SONGS:

Our God Is Love // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

Manifesto // Artist: The City Harmonic // Album: Introducing The City Harmonic - EP

You Alone Are God // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Mighty to Save

Take Heart // Artist: Hillsong United // Album: Aftermath (Deluxe Edition)

I'm Not Alright // Artist: Sanctus Real // Album: The Face of Love

Revelation Song // Artist: Kim Walker-Smith // Album: Jesus Culture: Consumed


the BloggyBits:

My little chickies carrying in drum heads for daddy. :)

Lil Doll played in my makeup. 
She's looking pretty cute!

Andrew singing "I'm Not Alright." Great song - - Love these words! 

Dennis - - - FANTASTIC!!!! The Jesus Way 
- - Where your treasure is, your heart is. 

This was my view leaving church on Saturday night. Glorious, impeccable view! 

This weekend is a family affair! Momma AND Dadda are in the band..everyone up & at 'em early, early! 

Whoops, forgot my computer & heading back home. At least my makeup is on early! 

I carried this waffle everywhere Sunday morning & never ate it. Layne kept seeing it & snapped this pic:

Chris, rocking the Lord's Prayer in "Manifesto."

Choir, choir, choir....my favorite people ever! And now, accenting with leopard/pink. 

These people are bold, passionate, talented & FUN!!! 

Pink shoes....

Gary, rocking black & pink! Awesome!!

Can't wait for EASTER! We're planning our brains out & I cannot wait! 

Yes!!! Mike Thousand's incredible cross necklaces! I love these Crossroads necklaces....go get one from the Crossroads bookstore!

Here's a *glimpse* of the coolest church choir you've ever seen. We are missing a few people in this pic...we missed you & you totally count too! 

After church I talked the band into sweet band pics on the roof, then I chickened out climbing the ladder. And really, it didn't take much talking them into it!

Come on. How cool is this? 

Their views: 
[Compliments to Layne...taking & posting pics. 
Total awesomeness!]

My views: 

Rock on!
[Or as you'd say on social media...]

\n/ RAWK ON! \n/

(FYI: that symbol is your fingers doing the I love you symbols...) 



xo the end! xo