Worship set: March 10 & 11, '12


the SONGS:

You are Good // Artist: Lincoln Brewster // Album: All to You...Live

Rooftops // Artist: Come Away (deluxe ed.) // Album: Jesus Culture

At The Cross // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Mighty to Save (Live)

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: This Is Our God 

How Great Thou Art // Artist: Carrie Underwood // Album: How Great Thou Art: Gospel Favorites Live from the Grand Ole Opry

True Love // Artist: Phil Wickham // Album: Cannons


the BloggyBits:

Chris & Randy getting all set for a great weekend! 

And the greatest choir ever...getting ready too! First time over on that side of the stage. I'm liking it. The steps look sharp & the weave behind looked quite stunning this weekend too!

Chris & Layne...

I like looking up to the tech booth as they're all getting set too. Steve, Michael & Aaron did an unbelievable job this weekend too! 

Layne glowing backstage with the blue lightbulb.

Gorgeous sunset as I left church on Saturday night. We have such a breathtaking view & setting. Thank you Lord!

Heading to church early, early with momma! I don't feel sorry for over sleepers on daylight savings~We had these 3 little monkeys to also wake up, dress & feed! Momma & Dadda were both in the band! 

Cheeeese! They always have so much fun coming early.  

They got to play on "devices" (Jackson calls it), while we rehearsed...Micah, SO cute! 

And then, Jackson (age 6) got a new high score Sunday morning while at early rehearsal with us. 
WOW! 1,009,568 on Temple Run! 

Laughing so hard together! I LOVE hanging out with everyone on the weekends, just love it! 

Hahahahha Anne - - crazy walkin'

Gorgeous lighting, Aaron! 

Superb! Love the steps with the weave behind. 

The inside of my hollowed out grand. I love storing stuff in here. I'm going to start keeping all kinds of things. I call it a hoarder's dream! 

Dad, BRINGING IT!! Man, oh man. I LOVE this series, THE JESUS WAY. 

Have a great week!! See you all next weekend for week 3
...hold your hats, it's gonna be amazing!

I have 2 more moments that I will load, as soon as I get my hands on pictures.

Lisa Bell gave her story and it was so great. We are so honored to have Lisa leading so many ministries at Crossroads. She has quite a story & God has been the author, guider, provider for her. So inspiring! Special thank you to Lisa! 

Lastly, perhaps my favorite moment the whole weekend, Anne's "How Great Thou Art." *GASP* 

If you were in the room, you felt it...and if I can get a video cut of it, I'll also share it. Wow, wow, wow. 

...to be cont.... :)