Worship Set: March 3 & 4, 2012


the SONGS:

Manifesto // Artist: The City Harmonic // Album: Introducing The City Harmonic - EP

Our God Is Love // Artist: Hillsong Live // Album: A Beautiful Exchange

Stand In Awe // Artist: Jeremy Riddle // Album: Full Attention

Savior, Please // Artist: Josh Wilson // Album: Trying to Fit the Ocean In a Cup

How He Loves // Artist: David Crowder Band // Album: Church Music


the BloggyBits:

When we first got to church the cyc was still hanging so Chris got up on the lift & released it. So nice to have it down & lit again! 

This little spot on the piano has been driving me crazy. It was cause by ripping gaff tape off of it. So I've had a wild idea of using makeup & wetting my finger down to cover it. 

I'd say that WORKED!! I'm going to touch up the black on the other leg next week! 

Setting lights & loving the Jesus String Art. I can't wait for you to see the step by step approach to this piece & all of the awesome people it took to build it. I'm almost done blogging it....

Loving it! 

On this Sunday morning....oh boy...I can tell it's going to be a beautiful day! Don't forget, we're already springing forward next Sunday the 11th! 

Here I am driving! Ok, I'm at a stoplight actually. Pin-curls & no makeup, chugging coffee like it's water & ready to do church with some of my favorite people on the planet!   

My. Sandwich. Did. This. To. My. Foot.

Sunday morn rehearsal.

9am service. Love the rich lighting & Jesus board!

My Sweet stealth photo. I'm even around the corner. 
[having a cough attack, which got their attention & made the photo even awesome-r]

These. Guys. Are. RAD. 
[I thought their shirts looked like they planned a photo shoot]

Mitzi! A full doze of sunshine & JOY always!!! LOVE HER!! I also like how she can't stop making t-shirt scarves
[that's a chocolate one around her neck]

Cyc is down...which means army crawl to the closing song. 
Landon - - too funny. Love having this guy!! 

New banners = = LOVE

"The Jesus Way..." 

to be cont....