Worship Set: Jan.28/29.'12

Amazing, amazing, amazing weekend & end to an amazing series, GOOD LIFE. 

WOOT - by Timothy Brister & Amanda Ferri
Ah, Good Life. We've learned so much & whenever I hear the OneRepublic song, Good Life, I'm taken back to this series. I love that.

Dennis wrapped it up in a big way this weekend w/ CHEERING SECTION...

You can listen to his message & all of the others HERE

And the bumper....one of my favorites ever, because my creative friends came up with their concepts & did it! AND we are discussing launching ART club, a place for Crossroads Creatives to express...are you creative? Maybe you want to act on it & start expressing yourself in creative ways. You could be a legit artist, a DIY monster or you may know its a passion of yours, but you want to be taught & learn from masters. I know I do! 

Please let me know if you want in on it!

Here's the bumper, one last time: 


here are the SONGS from the weekend:

"Always"//Artist & Album: Generation Unleashed

"Forever Reign"// Artist: Hillsong Live //Album: A Beautiful Exchange

"You Alone are God"// Artist: Hillsong Live //Album: Mighty to Save

"Good Life"// Artist: OneRepublic //Album: Waking Up

"I Won't Let Go"// Artist: Rascal Flatts //Album: Nothing Like This


the bloggy BITS:

Here's what the service was looking like early in the week. I'm so glad it went the direction is did. I love Dennis' closing video with I Won't Let Go at the end.

I'll be guiding the t-shirt scarf craft at the DIY Valentine brunch for the lad-ays! 

These are so fun, that I'm starting to look around the house for more things to "up cycle."
I even looked at a stack of Mike's folded t-shirts & asked him if he still wanted them. 

Then I remembered an awesome, torn purse that I had somewhere, under a bunch of junk..I FOUND it & chopped it up for embellishment.

then I made a gray one & embellished with the red scraps. Geez, I'm addicted. 

Ok, back to church...my little babes were with us again. Hey, come on, I lived at church growing up & look what it did to me! They'll live! 

Not yo average worship leader's shoes..and I only twisted my ankle & fell once, in rehearsal & NO one saw it. WOOOOT! 

Micah-boy in the band...

Somebody put this cross from the kids' activity on my piano. I love it & think it'll stay. 

OMGosh - - this little paper was also on my piano when I sat down on Sunday. 
I had that instant lump in my throat! 
Micah's hand is not always gonna be this size???!?!!! 

Ok, back to it.

This is my view....

And this is my tweet:
(b/c sometimes us worship leaders on twitter tweet pics of the mics on the wind) 

Micah, playing

Chris Bell & MIcah...

Dear world, 

This is NOT a white hair. It's the last piece of tinsel from my "Christmas Hair." I could put it out or cut it out, but I, for some reason, think it's fun to see how long it will last. All the color & sparkle is gone & it looks like a stringy piece of white hair. But I know the truth. I wonder if it'll last until next weekend.....we shall see...

Love, Jessica

Uh oh...steel vest is back out. John is the only one to try it on this week!

Just hanging..these guys rock my face off. For the real, reals. 

Chris Bell, what a JOY to have him back this weekend!! And I love having choir around...want to add a big boost of extra passion & joy to a church service? Have a worship choir! 

I so love these shoes! But when I woke up this morning, parts of my bod are a little sore & I promise it's from these shoes. Gram used to say, "You gotta pay to look cute."

While hanging, we were talking about the series, LOVE SONGS that starts this week...
This is going to be so fun. We can't wait!

There it is...LOVE SONGS, starts next week!

in between the 9 & 11..love those weave pieces & the lights...

Micah's guitar never left the stage all weekend. Love it! 

Sophia was WEARING a guitar stand. We can't believe what this girl thinks of. 

She came to me & said, "Momma, I am your fadder."

I always tell her that when she was in my belly (with a salt shaker motion), God gave her a bunch of extra funny while she was cooking! 

Optional ending:
1. You can stop now. This post has gone on long enough
2. Read on for a sad story - but I don't owe you this minute back. 
You're risking if it's worth it. 
"The Day Woody's Head Popped Off"

The kids brought toys to play with during rehearsal & they began throwing Woody from the top of the bleachers.

Well, he landed just right & his head popped off. 


Jackson held back his tears until we got home & he threw him away. 

I repeat: THREW HIM AWAY. 

I say, "Where's Woody?" 

Jackson turned his head in shame & said, "I threw him away."

"WHAT?!" (that was me)

"We need to keep Woody & take care of him until we can get a new one!" (me again)

So I run to the garage & look. There he was laying in a pile in the corner of the trash. 
Ok. I'm not even kidding. I gasped. Lost my breath & almost burst into tears. This was so weird. He's a toy. I sent Jackson & Sophia in for kitchen tongs. 
(the world's best reach-n-grab tool)

I can't believe how bonded we get with these Toy Story characters. 

He's back in our home...but it's still troubling. I've got to find good tape so that we don't have to keep walking up to this.

xo THE END!!! xo

Next week: LOVE SONGS.