Worship Set: Jan. 21 & 22, 2012

GoodLife week 3: DO GOOD
...was SO good...Oh sheesh... Just read on & listen on... 

the SONGS:

"O Praise Him"// Artist: David Crowder Band //Album: Illuminate

"God is Able"// Artist: Hillsong Live //Album: God is Able

"Set the World on Fire"// Artist: Britt Nicole //Album: Say It

"Came to My Rescue"// Artist: Hillsong United //Album: Hillsong United

"With All I Am"// Artist: Crossroads Music //Album: Crossroads Live vol.1


the one & only - - BLOGGY BITS:

Regan told her story & it was BEAUTIFUL. And her husband, Hector filmed & produced the video..SPECTACULAR, you guys. Spectacular.

View Regan's story HERE!

Here's Bailey - - first time of playing in the weekend services! He is quite a leader with the middle school & high school student ministry & I'm psyched to see him grow & develop & hang with main stage!

Awesome job Bailey!

I love rehearsing, seeing the empty room & anticipating what God's gonna do...

And, there's Josh. He runs sound & HE.IS.THE.BEST. (period!) 

Ah, a pic I tweeted from instagram

...these are some of my favorite people.ON.THE.PLANET. (period!)

Go Bailey, Go!

"Take my dreams, come & give them wings.
Lord with You, there's nothing I cannot do."

Dinner when I came home. Golly Gee. I'm a lucky girl. 
Gimmee a break. 
This is a tostada, with refried black beans, bacon, tomatillo/chipotle salsa & queso fresco (mexican fresh cheese).

Anne & me, pre-face paint.

Under the piano lid pic. Sweetness.

Anne put on this 20+ lb steal shield. 

I don't know if I've laughed that hard in a long time!

Wendy had to help get it off.
(i'm busy taking pics, obviously.)

Oh no, Chris is next...


It's stuck on Chris. 
I can't help, I'm taking pictures...

Oh man, this is what the earliest logo looked like. And true story, I have 2 friends who tattoo'd this logo on their ankles. I'm trying to get a photo from them...hahahhahahaha.....

Gee it was freezing & we're hustling to get back in time for the closing song of the 9am service. 

I had to screenshot this Facebook post from my friend Bente. What an awesome message this weekend and awesome response to the message. I agree!!! 

Ok - - this is not even a fake picture. Come on, how fun~ This is David Crowder kissing baby Clive Zickrick (Worship leader, Chris Zickrick's) son's head!

What a fun band. Hanging out. Laughing hard! 

Love this message...Listen again HERE. LOVED IT! 

Hey, I was looking for my clompy clomp! It was there all along. :) 

Next weekend will conclude the Good Life: Cheering Section...the planning & ideas are blowing my mind...Totally can't wait!