Worship Set: Jan. 14 & 15, 2012

Brilliantly illustrated by SCOTTIE RUSSELL..WOOT! 

What an extraodanary MESSAGE on Pressing Forward! 
Come on, have a listen if you missed it or live far away.


the SONGS:
"Rise and Sing"// Artist: Fee //Album: Hope Rising

"Happy Day"// Artist: Kim Walker // Album: Your Love Never Fails

"This is Our God"// Artist: Hillsong //Album: This is Our God

"No One Higher/The Stand"// Artist: Steve Fee //Album: North Point Live: Awake

"Never Once"// Artist: Matt Redman //Album: 10,000 Reasons

"A Mighty Fortress"// Artist: Christy Nockels //Album: 
Passion: Awakening


the BITS:

Here we are! Mike (husband/drummer :)) & I are both playing this weekend, so the kiddies came with us for the first part of Saturday. They're in this week's bloggy bits.

They love running around the building with me, getting song packets, cue sheets, markers & scrap paper. Then we take the elevator & I sing a little elevator song that I've been singing to them since Jackson was a baby in a stroller scared of the elevator! I'll record it & post it to my toddler songs soon. 

As we walked into the auditorium, I saw this... my hubs setting up the drums with Micah (2) helping...Ah...cute.

Micah was ready to rehearse with the band on his bucket drums from Little Drummer boy, Christmas Eve

..Playing on my computer with Larisa..

Not even joking..just as we finish "No One Higher/The Stand" (which is not quiet & mellow) I look down & Sophia was out cold on the stage. I said, it probably sounds like the womb to her. :) Haha. 

Chestnut, the kindergarten class bear, is spending the weekend with us. He sang a quick solo & he even got to sing in the choir!

Awesome band, warming up & man, these people work so hard every single weekend!!

Chris, Mike & Mike...


Sam on electric...
[Layne is behind him. I can't believe I don't have a pic of Layne!]

My sweet (but a little naughty) Micah-boy

[Don't know what was happening at this point]

Bente James shared her story this weekend. LOVE IT!! I love hearing about how the church can provide true family, true community for so many people!

My shot of Bente:

Layne's shot of Bente:

I loved this picture of my friends Tim & Amanda's feet in the atrium. These are two of the most awesome-est people ever! Can't you tell?! Awesome-creative-artists.


Here they are again visiting with friends...
...I'm so sneaky...

Backstage view: 

Layne's sweet setup...We had lots of iPads this weekend..

Favorite pic...oh Micah-boy..just be a good boy. 
No more time outs today. Please? For momma? 

BONUS pics, [from Scottie's Facebook page]

Andrew & a lot of the Crossroads band either lead worship for Faceplant or served as middle school volunteers. Faceplant is an amazing middle school ski retreat & at the same time we were at church this weekend, I loved thinking of them & praying for them as they lead..




[Ian has Hank the Tummy which has been featured in bloggy bits]

As we finalize this weekend's plan, I'm absolutely excited..you just WAIT!!


****SPECIAL THANKS TO Janell, Sandy, Layne & Scottie R for your pics! You are the BEST!