Worship set: Jan. 7 & 8, 2012

INCREDIBLE launch to week 1 of GOOD LIFE! Unbelievable! 

The message was phenomenal about Getting Passionate...Finding your passion...keeping your passion. Listen HERE if you missed it. Seriously. I can't even wait until next week...but before we do that...lets celebrate what just happened this weekend!

Here's the promo video/bumper video for the weekend. I did the "Do Good" drawing...


"Lift Me Up"// Artist: The Afters // Album: Light Up The Sky

"Rooftops"// Artist: Jesus Culture //Album: Come Away (deluxe edition)

"The Time Has Come"// Artist: Hillsong United //Album: United We Stand

"How He Loves"// Artist: David Crowder Band //Album: Passion: Awakening (deluxe edition)

"Good Life"// Artist: OneRepublic //Album: Waking Up (deluxe edition)

"The Greatness of Our God"// Artist: Hillsong Live //Album: A Beautiful Exchange


the BITS:

It's Saturday afternoon, the ice sculpture just arrived & we are blown away! While this amazing artist asked to remain anonymous, please ask me if you're interested in an ice sculpture for your next big event..i.e. wedding or graduation. Her work is fantastic & we're grateful to have her at Crossroads! 

Rehearsal, always a fun time! 

Welcome home Mrs. HannahLee & Brian! 

Band toast after church on Saturday

I love these people so much....

*sneak in* 
Molé enchiladas...

This is the dinner I came home to on Saturday!
(luckiest lady in da world)

My kiddies meeting Mrs. HannahLee!

The bubbly (ginger-ale) that we toasted after all of the services..

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris, happy birthday to Chris, happy birthday dear Chris, Happy Birthday to you!"

Chris' family sent monkey bread backstage for his birthday! YUMMMMOOOO! 
Micah loved it too! 

Some pillars of Crossroads...original core group members who started Crossroads 16 years ago..
Dad, mom w/ Melinda & Don Russell, Renita & Tom Boesiger

Dad & Dennis

Dad & Mom...way to go! Let's go 16 more! 
There is much to celebrate! 

When I came home, my little drummer boy was playing on paint cans. How cute..Anyone want to buy that awesome hi-chair behind him?