Worship Set. DEC. 17 & 18, 2011

the SONGS:

"Salvation is Here"// Artist: Hillsong United //Album: God He Reigns

"Joyful (the one who saves)"// Artist: Brenton Brown //Album: Joyful - single

Video: Isaiah 9

"Let us Adore"// Artist: Hillsong Church //Album: God He Reigns

"How Many Kings"// Artist: Downhere //Album: Ending is Beginning

"Your Love Never Fails"// Artist: Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture) //Album: Your Love Never Fails


the BITS:

Amazing, amazing team. How does God do it week after week after week!!!

"Jesus You are my rescue, I give You everything I am"

"How Many Kings"

Glorious lights...

Beautiful Advent piece in spanish & english...

We had "Connecting Point" this weekend. A reception for people to meet staff & ministry leaders. Great time...

this weekend I've been talking about wearing my grammie's clothes & that the shirt I was wearing was hers....when I came across this picture of her! I had to put the 2 pics together. Gram & I were TIGHT. In fact, my husband Mike used to say we talked on the phone like school girls. And one month I talked 1400 minutes to her!

Band hanging out during the 9 o'clock service eating LOTS of snacks. 
This is always a fun, fun, fun time together..lots of laughs then sheer panic/running to get to the closing song...

Choir, SO rocking the RED SHOES! This wasn't even everyone. Come on, Christmas EVE I'll get everyone's red shoes! I just read a funny article about how girls post on Facebook & taking a shoe pic was #1. :) haha...

And....JOHN was back with us this week & next. 
SO fun & so good to have him playing again! 

Thank you Roger "Rabbit" for sharing your amazing story. 

If you missed it, here's a link to the video: 

Thank you John for selling so many CDs this week! 

This weekend, we said goodbye to Erin (front row, third from the left)
We didn't have Erin nearly long enough! But we're so excited for her new journey back to Chicago & wish her well, heading into the fashion industry!

Thank you Josh, for being the best sound guy ever. I say, 
"Come on, look normal." He says, "This is normal."

An amazing team spent all day Sunday sorting through all of the giving tree gifts. It was really incredible to see it all in the atrium. Bicycles, dolls, toys..so many children will have Christmas this year because of the generosity of Crossroads 

My Kids made these gifts in their 4 & 5 yr old room. Love it.

Then on our way out...my little Phia had to wear my red pumps home. 


[i cannot even wait!]

...the end...