Worship Set. NOV. 26 & 27, 2011

the SONGS:

"Hosanna (Praise is Rising)"// Artist: Paul Baloche //Album: A Greater Song

"Joyful (The One Who Saves)"// Artist: Brenton Brown //Album: Joyful - Single

"O Come All Ye Faithful"// Traditional

[Lighting of the Advent Candle: HOPE]

"Waiting Here for You"// Artist: Christy Nockels //Album: Passion - Here for You

"Always"// Artist: Kristian Stanfill //Album: Passion - Here for You


the BITS:

Beautiful start to our Advent season...

I'll blog it up about the sweet, sweet chandeliers.

Behind the center screen, rear projected

 Ah, Micah-boy...Are you sleepy baby? 
(sunday am, playing in the band)

Ian on bass. 
This guy is rad & I love this cross on the head of his bass.

The Advent set.


Sam! This guy is also completely rad & he's been off for 5 weeks.
Welcome back SAM!

The Pickett family (RAD) - lighting the Advent set. I haven't gotten my hands on a front shot, so I had to just be tacky for 2 seconds & snap a pic of the screen. 

Dr. David Harris. Thank you for your amazing words, hopeful message & lots of laughs.
I love having this man around our team & look forward to having him back again! 

Quick family pic by the tree. I know, we're missing a few people.
Ian, Anne, Chris Z. (all supa rad)

My babies having a dance party while the band rehearsed on Sunday.

Front shot of the stage. See those people on the left. It was a deaf pastor from LA & his family visiting Crossroads. What a joy to speak with them through our sign ministry! 

Brandon & Chris in between services...

DIY crafts!! Women's brunch is this Saturday & if you're addicted to PINTEREST, you need to be there! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out! 


I've always been proud of Crossroads for loving the HIV/AIDS community in our church, in Northern Colorado, Denver & around the world. 

Trees looking rad. Came out of that massive snow storm in October, turned into wild awesome pieces for the entry way! 

 Anne singing "Waiting Here for You" snapped & posted to Facebook by Andrew Witt. Beautiful, worshipful shot. Love it. 

Then, the Smiths, Hays & Perezes had family pics!!! 

Here's a sneak of mom & dad with all their grand-babes!

Ooh lala, then to top of our amazing weekend they all came over for a Green Chile dinner. 
I wish I could give you that soft, warm, puffing tortilla on the bottom left...But they were scarfed by the end of the night. Yummo!

The end.