Worship Set. OCT. 22 & 23 2011

"Rise and Sing" // Artist: Fee // Album: Hope Rising
"Hosanna" // Artist: Paul Baloche // Album: A Greater Song

"You Alone are God" // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Mighty to Save

"Overcome" // Artist: New Life Worship, arr. Jeremy Camp // Album: We Cry Out

"Mighty to Save" // Artist: Hillsong // Album: Mighty to Save

The Bloggy BITS:

Warming up on Saturday & these 2 guys are joining us for the first time this weekend, TEARING it up! 

Then after church I took my little darlings out to dinner. 
It's always been a fun challenge to me. But now as they're getting older, it's also a fun time for conversation just with them! 

And when we finished, the bill was paid by dear friends from Crossroads~It meant so much to us!

No joke, hours into sleeping, I get this tweet. Talk about yuck...
I blocked. He can't follow me. 

Sunday AM: 

As I pulled out of my neighborhood, I'm blown away by the gorgeous sunrise, just like the ones my mom posts on Facebook...

Then BAM! She posts it. Same sun! AND it's choir-day! My faves!

Good hang time out back...

Go dad, go! Great message! Life is SO much more exciting when we get out of the stands & get in the game! 

This is what I call the Lambert fade to Chris pic. 
(yes, they're brothers) 

Aaron lambert, Chris Lambert, Chris Zickrick.  

The end!